Wheat? What’s that then?

I went out for a wee brunch yesterday. There’s a wee restaurant called Ciao Thyme which really does yummy food. It’s not entirely cheap, however, you know that it’s all freshly cooked and generally fab.

My favourite indulgence would be their yam fries. With the most amazing dip. *slaver*.

Anyway, for those who don’t know, I have had to adopt a Gluten Free diet since last year. It has had it’s challenges. I have just been reminded about Domino’s Pizza deliveries that you can get in Whistler. Thanks for that reminder. Consider yourself *whacked*. If it’s not bad enough, it’s not even 9am here in Whistler and I still have to have my breakfast. On that note, I think I will just have breakfast now, if I don’t, I will start visualising my laptop as a tasty-topped Domino’s Pizza. The laptop might be gluten free, however it will be a tad chewy.

Sliced apple, natural yoghurt, raisins and a sprinkling of granola really isn’t quite the same as a Domino’s pizza. Damn.

Healthy Breakfast 🙁

The suggestion by a certain pain in the arse, that Domino’s Pizza is a great way to follow up a powder day in Whistler, prompted me to remember my lunch experience yesterday. What better thing to do than share it with you. Right now, this is what the view looks like from our apartment:

Powder day....

Visibility up the hill – limited, avalanche risk – high, wind – high, 25cm of snow to fall today, 15cm over night. Great for Ed, not so hot for me! Even Norman has opted out of this powder day….

So, anyway, where was I? Digressing as usual. Ciao Thyme. Lovely wee place. It can get quite busy, and it only seats about 24 at a push, so going along at lunch time was a bit risky. It was fine though, plenty seats. Obligatory glass of water was served at the same time as the menu being handed over.

To keep it simple, I said straight away to the waitress, “Just so you know, I am unable to have anything with gluten.” I should have known straight away when she followed that up with, “Oh that’s ok, the breakfast items on the menu have home fries served with them. I will tell the chef that you will need them cooked in olive oil rather than butter.”

Right. This might be a bit of a challenge.

“No, you are fine, butter’s great, in actual fact, the more butter the better. It’s flour / wheat I can’t eat.”

“Ah, woops,” said the waitress. “Well, let me tell you about our specials today. Our buttermilk pancakes are superb, served with maple syrup…. ”

“Oh well, I can’t have them, can I?”

“Oh, neither you can. Sorry.”

“Here’s something you can have, our lunch special is just awesome, the chef has linguine served with….. ”

I stopped her in her tracks. Telling me all about fantastic linguine is up there with Domino’s Pizza. Linguine was my favourite pasta. I was starting to think that this waitress really was on something. If all else fails, have an omelette. That’s what I chose, once she realised that I could have the home fries (sliced, sautéed tatties, to you and me) I thought I was on a winner.

“What kind of toast would you like with that?”


I managed to persuade her that the chef might replace the toast with a ‘wee half portion’ of yam fries. She got that bit right. Phew.

I don’t know what part of ‘flour’, ‘wheat’, ‘gluten’ she didn’t understand. One thing is for sure, she knows now. At least she had a school day. So did I. She was lovely, but as bright as a black-out.

The worst thing to do to me is remind me of all the yummy, scrummy things that I am not able to have. The boys have been scoffing their way through lovely soft bread, that’s bad enough, but to be reminded that I can’t have a Domino’s Pizza and just how good they are is pushing my buttons…. my taste bud buttons. Give me a pizza now. A lovely soft bread sandwich. Toast, with jam and lashings of butter. Damn you gluten intolerance.

Damn you for reminding me about Domino’s pizza.

Off to eat an apple.

3 comments on “Wheat? What’s that then?”

  1. Enjoy your Apple…..

  2. admin says:

    It really didn’t hit the same spot that a Domino’s Pizza would! :o(

  3. Cini Sticks go down well too…

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