Various Random Rants

It has been too long since my last blog. I hope that my readers don’t think that life is all doom and gloom with me – it’s not really. Life is actually ace. I am finding myself getting out my scratcher at about 7am (ish) it really depends when I hear the ‘fog horn’ nose blow from the other half and the shower starting to run. That is my signal to get the tea made. Down in work at about 7.30/7.45 am. That is amazing, considering I normally stagger down the road at about 8.27am. I am dead lucky, I can walk to work. It takes about 5 minutes to walk there. I have sympathy for all of you that have to drive and drive and drive. How tedious is that? I take delight when I have to take time out of my morning to deliver my ironing to my ironing lady (too lazy to iron – would rather pay someone to do it) so my mach 3 ‘commute’ to work is fantastic! When ever I have to hit Glasgow at rush hour, I come out in a rash and start to gnash my teeth. For some reason I develop road rage too.

Shopping as most of you know makes me come out in a sweat, however, some things just need to be done. I was given vouchers for Christmas (why is it that most peeps don’t spend them? – I am one of the worst culprits!) So, I was given some HMV vouchers which I have tried to spend – bought steering wheels for the wii, in Heathrow airport on our way home from Canada. I also bought some really cheap DVD’s – worth a trawl! I must admit, one of the DVD covers involves high heels, so, the other half chose that one! Just remember to spend the vouchers and not have the company go ‘bust’ in the process…..

On the subject of ‘bust’…. those of you who ‘know’ me, know that it is a bit of a challenge to go shopping where my ‘bust’ is involved. La Senza is one place where all you boys should go shopping for your other half. I am not able to buy bras (for obvious reasons) from there – I have to go to Bravissimo – where they make bras for real women….. However, for all of you men out there, I have to recommend La Senza – I have a pair of jammies (you know those unflattering things that your other half wears when you are not around).. … I have had for about 5 years, and they are my favourites! That is my claim to fame with La Senza… So, for your ideal pressie go there for quality. They sell all sorts of lush stuff to impress us women (the other ones, who are normal enough to fit them)

As much as I spend a lot of time ‘on line’ or generally on the computer, I find it amazing the amount of people who gamble on line. I must admit, I find it fascinating, but there is for most, a return on the investment….. on the run up to Christmas, I was keeping an eye on ‘Deal or no Deal‘ the jackpot was £1.3 million. Some person won it – lucky them. (pffft – wish it had been me!) Jackpotjoy are currently running deal or no deal and the jackpot is sitting at £345k. WOW!!! Bring it on! If that’s what floats your boat, go for it! Bingo might be your thing – if so, carry on! I must admit, my first try at Bingo was really exciting. It involved good mates, drink and erm…. drink. If Bingo is your thing, then go and visit: Minxy Bingo. I have been told that that is the ultimate in Bingo temptation! Me, I will stick to the occasional sesh up here involving a dyslexic bingo caller and me holding the appropriate dobber. (is that the right name?)

That’s enough excitement for one night. 🙂
Now – go play!

2 comments on “Various Random Rants”

  1. Annie says:

    I think you are a bit of a nutter! I have a picture of you swanning around in your La senza PJ’s, measuring your pizza before devouring it and shouting out ‘house’ after you have won the bingo. The things I have discovered about your past times is incredible and I have known you for years. What a dark horse you are!!! Life in the sticks is certainly entertaining!

    Maybe you should slow down on that cider your guzzling tonight…and then again life is too short so go for it girl!!!!!

    By the way it took me about 20 minutes to figure out how I could send you a comment! Joining Facebook is a step too far but love the photos. And tea????? what do you mean you enjoy a nice cup of tea!!!! 10 buckets of extra strong coffee is more the mark.

    catch up soon

    LOL Annie x

  2. admin says:

    Well done you! I am in the middle of a new blog at the moment and I have only had one cider…. damn it – should do something about it, right now!! >>> Off to the fridge I go!! Wooohoooo! 🙂

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