To lovely people. You know who you are.

Sometimes, when I'm having a hard time,
I can't help but to write in rhyme. 
So to my readers, 
To whom this is aimed, 
Thank you, you rock,
I refuse to be maimed. 
So, here's a verse for you, 
You know who you are, 
Good to know that hugs aren't very far. 
I know you care, and that's just great, 
Thanks to you, for being a mate! 
Here goes:
Sometimes it’s an ear you need.
Sometimes it’s just a hug.
It’s not easy dealing with things,
Simply, with a shrug.
With time you get stronger,
I’m sure you all know,
Given time to consider & think,
Learn, adapt and grow.

I realise the best therapy
Without any doubt
Is to get on my bike
And just head out.
Where the road leads me,
I really don’t care,
Just free, not judged,
Me, my bike; fresh air.

Bum on seat, traffic around,
A great way to get unwound,
You just don’t have much choice,
Not the time to listen to your ‘inner voice’.

My best friends, Smoggy and Indy too,
Have been brilliant,
Between me and you;
To reset my head; much needed,
The riding therapy succeeded.

So, those of you that are in the know,
My appreciation I need to show,
For the texts, chocolate, hugs and wine,
I’m sure in time, I’ll be just fine.

One comment on “To lovely people. You know who you are.”

  1. PJ says:

    Fi will be fine given time, even without the wine.
    Loves ya xxx

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