To be or not to be….

I have just been given a kick up the whatsit for not putting in quality blogging time on here.  So, anyway – to be a Geekette, or not be a Geekette?  That is  the question.  I posed that to the person who has ‘made me do it’ dragging me closer and closer to the 21st Century! I was promptly told that I definitely needed Geekette status…. due to a variety of things:- I am on Facebook… so what – isn’t the rest of the world on Facebook too?? Twitter holds a certain something – not sure I have worked out what that ‘something’ is, but it’s really interesting when you see it used properly!  I am on Bebo, but have to confess that I have lost interest in that, and I couldn’t honestly remember my sign in details! I blog (fairly) regularly on our business website… but still don’t see myself as being a ‘geek’….. Then it was pointed out that I have a work PC (dur), a PC at home… aye…. a laptop, a BlackBerry (it’s red, and sexy – how can a phone be sexy?). Does having a really serious sound system in your house and bass speakers in your car count in the Geekdom stakes?

My BlackBerry does have a bit of a history.  I was gifted my ‘first’ one. Red. I was told that I would not be in the remotest bitty interested in returning to a Nokia….. ever, and that it would take a week to convert me.  Yup. Spot on.  Then I poured a glass of wine over it.  Also red. Let me tell you, that was not very intelligent. That’s what can happen when you go and visit Mum after work you get out of control of your hands! (I do find it very hard to not involve my hands when talking)…. so the combination of wine and gesticulating cost me a phone. oops. It still worked a bitty – it just made me learn how to use it without the use of the scroll button ….. did I go back to to my Nokia? Nope. I spent two weeks mastering the art of stripping down the BlackBerry cleaning the sticky red wine mess off of it and drying it on a radiator.  I had only had it about two weeks when I drowned it. It very nearly broke my heart, especially when I found out they had stopped making the Red Pearl….. Never fear, one was found….. I am ever so slightly more careful with this one, that’s for sure! I do have to keep it clear of my Mum though…. she is of the generation that wants to ram a phone where the sun don’t shine if they are used in company – the alternative place would be ‘ploooof’ into a glass of wine/bucket of water. Been there. Done that.  I am wary around Mum!

I do remember going on a ‘Computing for the terrified’ course all of a dozen years ago. The person who taught the group of petrified adults was pretty patient. I was a bitty stunned when last year, she asked me for some ‘advice’ and a copy of some work I had done…. I do now know some really cool and nifty keyboard shortcuts and don’t use my mouse as often as I did.  Still don’t think my Geekette status is anything to do with my computer skills…..

So here is a social networking question…. Should there be an age restriction to the likes of Facebook? I had a friend (who will remain anonymous) contact me recently who has more than double the friends on FB that I have….. who said, “Shhhhh. Don’t tell Mum”. Ok. Secret’s safe with me!

Enjoy reader. Night. :0)

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