This isn’t an April Fool!

We all pretend to make New Year resolutions, don’t we? I think about it and then I have the annual excuse of the business staff party. So, no point really on starting anything on the 1st of January – it’s a holiday after all. The 2nd of January is for recovering from the 1st and generally involves ‘the hair of the dug’. Then there’s the rest of January leading up to the staff party…. which in all honesty is never, ever a sober affair.

So, personally, January is officially a no-go for starting diets, quitting smoking, being a more sensible person; cutting back on alcohol, being better at the housework or trying to meet Ed’s OCD requirements for longer than 4 days.

February has arrived and in all honesty it’s never a good time either. OK, so I’ve quit the nicotine sticks for 5 months so on that account, well done, Fi. Apparently it stunts your growth…. as well as being an anti-social habit (Craig will be thrilled). By February, the whole prospect of giving up anything is out the window. I was just back from a lovely holiday in Mexico and was still tasting Pina Coladas in my dreams. The thought of giving anything up was low on my list of priorities, but I did. I didn’t discuss it with anyone, I just did it.

I gave up alcohol.

It’s not an April Fool, really it’s not. The last time I gave up alcohol was when I turned 18. It didn’t last for long. I decided that I was going to be ‘dry’ for a month. For those that really, really know me you may have had to pick yourself up off the floor right now……

Cordials have become very attractive. The Roses Lime Cordial in the fridge has been needing drunk for 4 years. Well beyond its best before date – as a food hygiene ‘expert’, that’s shocking. Och, it’s mainly sugar anyway. It’s not killed me yet and it’s nearly finished.

I turned my nose up at the elderflower cordial; mainly because wine held a greater satisfaction. I discovered that it was really quite good.

Very good indeed. Surprisingly.

Very good indeed. Surprisingly.

Sparkling mineral water all of a sudden is interesting.

It’s ages since I enjoyed a glass of milk so much.

The variety of tea bags has increased in the house to 3 types of Earl Grey, actually, make that 4; and Jasmine tea too…. good grief. I find myself drinking a mug of tea after 9pm.

Going to my Mum’s on a Friday night has been involving tea, not sharing a bottle of wine…. don’t worry though, Lellypops hasn’t been influenced by my mad moment, she’s still enjoying her wee tipple.

The thing that’s truly amazing; I haven’t had a drink for two, yes, 2 months now. Bloody astounding. The wine we didn’t drink at New Year is still in the cupboard awaiting a jolly good session, which won’t be far away. Ronnie and Annie will hopefully be descending upon us for a visit…. and I am very, very sure it won’t take much persuasion to get Ellen to join in.

Me? No wine for 8 weeks, someone had better take my pulse. Check I’m still breathing. After all, I am known to love a wee smidgin glass of wine now and again.

All this time without alcohol is going to guarantee one thing. I will be a push over. Lightweight. Pissed quick. Might be messy, be afraid. Watch out my white, rosé and red friends, you aren’t safe for much longer….

So, there you go, it can be done. It’s been rather refreshing. No it’s not an April Fool either. You don’t believe me, do you? Oh, and as an after thought, all this nae booze has resulted in a bit of weight loss (much needed, and more to go, hopefully). Average, a pound a week. Wonder how many pounds I’ve saved in alcohol costs….

9 comments on “This isn’t an April Fool!”

  1. Craig says:

    I still remember the look on the of the rep when you turned up to taste the Gins… only to say – I’m only here to sniff….
    Her mouth hit the floor!

    Good on ya Fi… Cigs & Booze… who knew!?!

  2. Annie says:

    Well done you !! I have been a bit cheeky in that direction also, drinking wine with sparkling water or soda in it. Only one gin on a Saturday night at Ronnies and alcohol free nights during the week. This unfortunately has been replaced by Chocolate so no weight loss for me:( But hey ho well done Fi xxx

  3. Fiona says:

    Ah, yes. Chocolate replacement therapy. I know it well.

  4. alan brown says:

    Or how many people have been cast on to the scrap heap of destitution and despair as the winery’s closed.

  5. Fiona says:

    You are a cheeky monkey, Alan!

  6. Marie says:

    Good job Fi!
    Something is amiss….Wes has gone 5 months and I rarely imbibe any more. No more sleepless nights nor pain in the joints! I love the tea too! And we never have to worry about how to we’ll get home!

  7. Fiona says:

    I seldom have trouble sleeping. Interesting about the pain in the joints, red wine?

  8. George Betty says:

    Well if gin makes you sin, and brandy makes you randy – what can tea do ???

  9. George Betty says:

    Sorry , I pressed the wrong button before I had finished …well done Fi, keeping off the booze because you vowed to. Can you give me any advice on refusing bacon rolls, please G

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