This is hurting. Quite a bit.

It’s been a busy week since my first visit to Zumba classes in the village hall. Considering I really can’t run the length of a bus ticket, never mind run and catch a bus, I am amazed I survived last week.

I ached in the strangest places. Really, there’s a muscle there? Where did that come from? Bed time doses of ibuprofen gel helped the knees, and I was actually concerned that I wouldn’t be able to ride my motorbike on the Thursday. It was all ok, (she says with a really surprised tone.) In actual fact I had 6 hours on the bike – Tyndrum, Loch Tay, Sma’ Glen, Perth, Tibbermore, Kinkell Bridge, Auchterarder, Braco, laps around Stirling and home via Cambusbarron & Thornhill. Phew. Braw. Big grins.

The rave that I was going to (as per last blog) really did seem like fun. ‘seem’ like fun being the appropriate thought before the event. It was all going quite well, dinner, wine, then to the Liquid Rooms to await the big man Carl Cox. Apparently he is awesome. I still haven’t clapped eyes on him.

At 2am, the main act appeared (apparently)…. the crowd surged, I freaked. Never good in crowds at the best of times, I started hyper-ventilating. There were comedy tears squirting from my eyes. I needed to get out. Now.

Taxi for Robertson. Bugger.

Anyway, Ed and his big bruv and Alex, our nephew, all had a blast.

Sunday, was a cracking day. EDAM (Edinburgh & District Advanced Motorists) had a Machine Control day.

I met some very interesting folk and had some excellent instruction. Who would have thought I could have done wee tiny circles on my bike and not fall down…. or, for that matter put a foot down. Had a brilliant time, highest on the nutter scale was Rennie Ritchie one of the instructors, closely followed by Roddy Benzies who was our group’s instructor. They are all mad. Great fun, but all completely BONKERS. As for Keith showing positive steering by finger tip whilst having his bike on cruise control – (read, elastic band…. ) well impressed.

I ended up with the comedy tan again – need to invest in an open face helmet….the weather was lovely, and I also got a very sore / stiff left fore arm.

From the clutch control, just incase there was any doubt there.

So, there we have it. A nice quiet week in Fi’s life. Oh yes, it’s Tuesday. It’s Zumba night. I did it again. I need WD40 this week I think. Holy cr@p, you would think that with all this extra padding rolling around the floor wouldn’t hurt. WRONG. I really must get an exercise mat. I should also brace myself and stand on the scales in the morning. No point avoiding the inevitable.

In the meantime I was considering having a real day off (i.e. doing feck all) on Thursday. I don’t think so. I feel a wee trip up to visit Annie in Aberdeen. Bloody hell, when am I going to slow down? More to the point, I need to give the Type R a run….. once I charge the battery, again. Poor thing, totally neglected, however, it is shiny, unlike my motorbike! 🙁

Night all! Sweet dreams!

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