Summer holiday is here

I finished work today, a wee glass of wine to celebrate with my Mum on the way home and I started to feel like I was switching off from work and into holiday mode.

It’s been a difficult few weeks, and to be fair, we were very nearly considering cancelling our trip. Luckily, things improved enough for us to put that thought out our minds.

The only buggerance is Ed’s Harley. She’s a fickle old cow and tends to throw her toys, or in this case, brakes out the pram just when we’re about to leave home. The promised parts from Holland arrived just too late. It’s going to be a BMW adventure after all.

I’m not getting away with it though, we’re determined to go to Twente Rally who celebrate 50 years of the club this year. That’s a party we daren’t miss. Harley or not.

So, Smoggy’s had a dicht, tyres pumped up accordingly, scotoiler topped off, preload adjusted, chain checked and lubed. Givi boxes packed (with space) and attached; bottles of hooch protected.

Sound effects for those who have vision difficulties; pssst, pssst, glug, (silent preload adjustment), pssssssst, click, click. Job done.

What am I not getting away with? Camping, damn it. The second time this year I’ve camped. ‘Happy Camper’ doesn’t enter my vocabulary. Cursing, swearing and a general bad attitude will hopefully be drowned out by catching up with some amazing friends. The Bramble gin & Tyndrum Gold Whisky are packed.

So, let the holiday begin. I think though, Smoggy will have additional luggage on tomorrow when I head away.

Smoggy & Co

Smoggy & Co

If I find out it’s the tent it might just fall off half way to Edinburgh…..then at least I won’t have to crawl around in a tent for two days…… I could sleep under the stars. Aye, dream on.

3 comments on “Summer holiday is here”

  1. Yvonne says:

    Fi I hope you have SQUIRREL packed!

  2. Fiona says:

    I do! Nutty is pillion!

  3. George says:

    I’m way behind – this is dated 11 th –

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