Silly Season is here…

It’s that time again, silly season. People come to Scotland on their holidays and forget to pack their brain. It’s obvious really, just incase they get lost, they attach themselves to the bumper of the car in front, even if they’re not actually planning on going in the same direction. Then you see a massive swerve, when they have seen a spectacular view (lots of them) or a hairy coo (lots of them too).

Or, the even more obvious, the HOLY CRAP, what’s that? Oh my, it’s a CORNER! What do I do…. OMG…. BRAKE!!!!!! So then the inevitable happens, when you want to overtake and your slot just happens to be in front of them, they are so polite to flash their lights at you. I would really like to think it was a *flash* you are fine to pull in, however we know differently, don’t we! It’s: LOOK AT THAT THUG OVERTAKING!!! Anyway, I don’t care, I’m out of there, giving a very polite wave and smile as I go. They can’t see the smile though, can they?!

All things considered, I wish people would have a basic grasp of the highway code. They don’t though and that’s a tad frustrating.

It happens every year up by us, you get the tourists suffering from road rage, only they don’t appreciate that it’s them that’s actually causing it!

I drove down the road to Edinburgh today. For a nano-second I thought that I would make every effort to drive at the speed limit all the way. Fat chance. By the time I got to Ewich, I was down to 35mph behind a camper van. Then there was the queue up to Glen Ogle…. does anyone fancy sneaking down Glen Ogle one night to chop down those darn trees, that are restricting the view, it’s not as much fun, now that they’ve all grown up that’s for sure!!

As well as all the traffic nose to tail, there were two wide loads in the road, the second one was huge!

Where on earth was that going?!

Anyway…. I was (surprisingly) well ahead of schedule so was bimbling down the motorway at 70 and all of a sudden there was a huge queue of traffic…. My thoughts were bloody hell, there must be a police car at the front…. Then in the next thought was, must be a funeral it’s going SO slowly…. Well, it wasn’t a police car… I gave myself a whack for being totally and unforgivably sarcastic and gave the hearse a nod as I zoomed past.

After all that, I parked up to have a coffee before the hair cut… Really Broughton High School pupils. You are a bunch of litter louts. What was worse were the amount of seagulls that were obviously used to lunch hour. I might also sound old fashioned, however how can their parents let them go to school dressed like that? Put some clothes on. Walking down the road in a pair of tights is not pretty! I felt a bit old at that point, and out numbered. Didn’t want a big scratch put along the side of the car if I had a rant about the littering.

In the meantime, back to driving. They have put new warning signs out locally. There’s an odd one at the Glendochart Caravan Park. It’s for falling rocks. Erm…. There’s trees, um…. A road, em…. more trees, but no cliffs or rocks in sight. How odd. Might have to get a photo of that one!

Here was me thinking my next blog was going to be about service. How wrong was I!

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  1. Craig says:

    Love it!!

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