On the road again, with Nutty.

Had a great time at the Twente Rally, catching up with fantastic friends and making new ones. I know, I have such a stinking attitude about camping. That’ll never change. We headed off at noon from the field, saying cheerio to the Dutch crew.

Gilserberg in Germany ended up being our overnight stay after the Twente rally. The pair of us are knackered. I have to say, my riding was pretty crap. Sometimes it just is. When you’re tired and all partied out. I was a bitty wobbly. We did ride some lovely roads though, quite fantastic. Just wish I had been more awake to enjoy them. Smooth, twisty, not too much traffic to talk about. The second half of the route, we knew that we had cracked it, judging by the amount of bikes piling down the road.

We normally start to look for accommodation at about 4pm, however the roads were so good that we kept riding. We pulled over in the village and asked Fanny the sat nav’s opinion. There we go, it was fate. We were literally at the front door of this very old hotel / guest house. Sorted.

Lovely Guesthouse

Lovely Guesthouse

A shower was called for. The last ‘wash’ I had was yesterday in the lake. We went for a wee swim in the afternoon to cool down, so I was ready for the shower. That’s the thing I hate the most about camping. No ensuite facilities. I’ve got sore knees too. No comment. In the meantime, when I came out the shower, I noticed the ‘art’ on the wall. What’s that chicken DOING?

The chicken's doing WHAT?

The chicken’s doing WHAT?

Monday morning. On the bike for 9am. Ed managed to persuade me to get up early. Breakfast was stunning, all set out for us, rolls, meats, cheese, boiled eggs. Didn’t want to waste anything, so made a wee picnic.

Off we went, through the most lovely roads. After our picnic lunch, we jumped on the motorway to finish the journey.

Nutty  tucking in.... Ed there's a squirrel in your crisps.

Nutty tucking in…. Ed there’s a squirrel in your crisps.

Boy, you have to pay attention. The fast lane is something else on these unrestricted motorways. Today’s most dominant fast drivers were in VW Passat estates, there were more of them hoofing it down the fast lane than BMWs and Mercs. I was verging on boredom, as you do on the autobahn, so when I saw the lights, I found myself saying, “Oh, look at that, another Passat.” So there you have it, watch out for Passat drivers. Especially ones that are estates and dark blue!

All in, we did 385 miles. Two tanks of fuel. The route before the autobahn was lovely. Pretty roads, quite quiet and we made good progress. Not good enough progress though; had we stayed on the back roads, we’d still be out there. Smoggy, fully loaded with panniers and top box copes well up to 95mph. Beyond that, he gets a bit wiggly. He did well on the autobahn, considering. He did a magic job on the twisties, it seems I found my mojo again after yesterday’s dodgy riding. Woohoo, corners! It was a goooood day.

It was 7pm by the time we got to Trullikon to Marianne’s house. She had recently moved into her family house. It was built in the 1780 and her family have been living in the house for 200+ years. It’s a big house, with the original stables, hayloft, old beams, all sorts of original features that Marianne will restore when she has the time and the money.

Dinner was ready when we arrived, so quickly got changed and ate dinner. Ed’s route planning again, to see if he can take Marianne to places she’s never seen before. Knowing Ed, he’ll manage it. Time for bed. More motorcycling adventures tomorrow.

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  1. George says:

    What a husband Ed is – he seems to take control and do everything so well. Thea and I are the reverse !! Glad things are going so well so far – at last I am catching up

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