My Shortest Blog…Ever….

I started a blog, then deleted it.

I read back through it and became marginally depressed. It was all about the ‘things’ that I have been dealing with this season in the business, however, decided in my wisdom that you didn’t need to know about it all.

I realised that it wasn’t the place to have a ‘moan’ about my challenging season, but it should be a celebration of good stuff. So, I did ctrl+a+delete. Sorted. Be thankful, it was well out of character. If I moan, I give you permission to give me a great big smack across the back of my head. Then hand me a glass of wine.

Anyway, those who know me well, know what’s been going on without me writing it down. I think that’s really bad grammar. I am sure there are those who can help me with my crap writing!

In the meantime, there’s much to celebrate:

Lots of tourists
Lots of staff, with issues. So what…. there’s….
Tripadvisor and idiots who have nothing better to do than walk away and have a rant…. for everything else, there’s
Stress; don’t worry, for everything else there’s….
Family, friends and those in need, we all have them; remember, there’s….

Yep, life’s too short. Make a go of it. Live your dreams. Live your life.

I’ve had a brilliant year. Educational, enlightening, emotional and fun. New friends, new challenges. Don’t let negative thoughts get you down. Flip it. Dig deep and get the positive things out of whatever you do. Otherwise you will just get yourself down. Friends in need? Talk, be there for them. It may not be important to you, it will be meaningful and important for them.

For everything else, there’s not just Mastercard, there’s a motorbike. It’s my stress relief. Get on yer bike, switch off to the things that freak you out and just concentrate on your two wheeled friend.

That’s been my saving grace this year. Phew. Cheers, Smoggy, I love ya!

Told you it was my shortest blog ever. You see, sometimes there are miracles.

4 comments on “My Shortest Blog…Ever….”

  1. Rennie says:

    Chin up, remember Python…
    “Always look on the Bright side of Life.”
    Oh and boats and bikes are there to keep us sane and cheery when friends are not their to fulfil this role.

  2. Fiona says:

    Doo; doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo…. ?!

    As usual wise man, RR, you are spot on. Just as well we have ‘friend substitutes’ when those important people aren’t available…. We might not be this sane otherwise. (Sane?). Mind you, friends are special….

    As for keeping my ‘chin up’; it’s pointing the way, helping me get round corners. 😉

  3. Yvonne says:

    Motorbikes exist to help smart people escape eejits 🙂 . Chin out, bum up, wheeeeeeeeeeee…………

  4. Me says:

    Where would we all be without you !

    Who would we get a laugh from with her disjointed thoughts

    Who would cheer us up when she doesn’t say F*ck

    Who keeps the off licence in business

    Who actually likes visiting Dalkeith

    Who does all this and more

    Best of all she makes you smile when the day is crap.

    So thank you for your short blog and my brief response.


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