Mexico, a wee touch of paradise.

It’s really lovely in this little spot, the sun is blisteringly hot however, it’s a nice excuse to sit at the bar at ‘bugle hour’ for a nice cooling Piña Colada or two and write a wee blog. Ok, 3. So far I haven’t managed to exceed 3 in an hour. Maybe by the end of two weeks here I might. The problem is though, I wouldn’t make it to dinner time. The boys behind the bar are ace, a good laugh and pretend to use measures for the drink. I realise the longer you’re here for, the bigger the pour over.


Generally bugle hour, which starts with a good (or in some cases, bad) trump of a bugle, sees people piling in from the sun beds to the bar. This is the first time I’ve not sat with my feet dangling in the pool, or sitting fully submerged with my chin on the bar.


The bar itself is plonked right in the middle of two pools, one for the adults, one for the kids. Fortunately, there’s not many of them (kids) so you can lounge around in the pool and read your book, either ‘retro’ style (paper version) or modern one that you don’t dare drop in the pool! You won’t get inconsiderately splooshed.


It’s so far been a great holiday, we’ve met some ace folk, mainly Americans and Canadians most of whom think that they have travelled half way round the world to get here. They are pretty speechless when they realise we travelled near on 24 hours. Chats round the pool have come up with some good ideas though…. with those who were more geographically savvy (Canadians). Instead of Edinburgh > London > Mexico City > Ixtapa to fly to Canada and then down. That would make it marginally less painful.

We met a lovely group of folk at dinner on the beach the other night. Yes, a full blown dinner (buffet style) which was ace! Ed had a Harley t-shirt on and they just had to check up on the right to wear it, as you do. They were motorcyclists themselves, but during the winter months snow-mobile addicts. Probably got more mileage on that than their car! The story unfolded that our snow mobile addict was asked by his wife, “when will you be back?” When he answered, “Thursday,” she didn’t ask which Thursday. Oops LOL!! Just sounds like bikers, huh….. or is that in my dreams (and Ellen’s)?

So far, the most energetic we have been is jet skiing, ace fun. It was a really good speed fix, thrashing the hell out of the wave runners across the bay. I am missing my wee motorbike, however, I don’t want to ever ride one out here. The roads seem to be 100 times worse than ours, which isn’t really a surprise. More of that in another blog. So, speed fix out the way, we just had to recover with a massage. £10. For an hour. Really.

Other exercise and ways of working off what has been very good food in general, has been clambering up the stairs to our stunning vacation home. Club Intrawest at Zihuatanejo is built on a cliff and there aren’t any lifts. From the beach to our apartment is 103 steps. That’s been quite a bit of stair master work! You don’t want to just have to pop up to the room! We do have to change rooms again tomorrow though, long and short of it is we are under the restaurant and some kitchen goblin goes in at silly o’clock and drops things on the floor, not the quietest room and it’s not the best for a restful night’s sleep. What a cheek, 9:30pm has been the average late night! So, another move tomorrow. Another view!

We can’t really complain though, can we with sunsets like this:


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