Love some customers. Not.

For the first time ever, I’m reporting ‘abuse’ to Tripadvisor. So, before I get the post removed, I thought that I would just save it here. I’ve read some fabulous replies recently on other sites, especially some on Facebook. This ‘guy’, I want to slap, big time. I’ve also thought about the reply for 3 days.

Fed up being ‘nice’.
Love their grammar too….

“Better to eat an old welly!”
5 days ago
Reviewed by Dale T
Stopped in here as I had fond memories dining with my dad when I was a child, however those memories are now gone and replaced with something I would rather forget! There macaroni is the worst I have ever eaten, Its my favourite food and not once have I not finished my macaroni whenever eaten out. But on this occasion I had to abort it as it was just that awfull. It was also very yellow for some reason and like no macaroni I have ever seen before. Far to yellow!! Probably best for everyone you take it off your menu. To have the cheek to charge the prices you do is daylight robbery. To top off the insane prices you have to help yourself to plastic cutlery!! Which is just bloody lazy of you!. It would be acceptable if the prices matched your plastic cutlery, The food sure did. The staff were very friendly, it’s just a shame they have to be the faces of this disatisfying overpriced school dinner hall and the owners get to reap the rewards of there overpriceing! My advise to fellow travellers *Just USE them for a toilet break and keep your money* Overall it would be in everyone’s best interests if they closed and opened a McDonald’s on the site of the Greedy welly.


So, let’s cut to the chase; what exactly was wrong with the macaroni other than the colour? Was it too salty? Was the pasta not cooked properly? Was the sauce poor? Was it too cheesy? Too much mustard? Frankly, you don’t give us a clue other than it being a bit ‘yellow’. We aren’t able to request a specific ‘colour’ of our cheese that arrives from our supplier, but by all accounts the batch in question was probably made with a very ‘orange’ cheese. I’m guessing here.

You also didn’t bring the issue to our attention either. You have had a bad experience, left your meal and have not spoken to anyone about it, and then posted your review on here – you see, we are far from lazy, we have already asked the team if they remember a recent complaint. If you wanted a ‘proper’ set of cutlery, we would have been delighted to supply it. All you needed to do was ask a member of our team. In actual fact, that’s the only constructive part of your review and having discussed it with our team, we have already started supplying proper knives and forks with non-finger. You see, we do listen to advice and take on board comments.

You have also posted other derogatory comments which can’t be read on your main post, but don’t worry, it’s been found and I’ve saved it for posterity. You should be ashamed, deeply ashamed to write the following selection of abuse: “I would not feed it to my dog what they serve. The chefs/retards also have no sense (that’s the correct spelling, by the way) of time…….. [and]…… I really hope this place burns to the ground with the chef inside. It really is the best outcome for everybody”. Good grief, really? REALLY? It was a macaroni and cheese. It wasn’t a surgeon who had omitted to do part of his job by leaving a swab inside a body. You really would wish someone dead? Your statements are abusive, disgusting and downright unnecessary. How DARE YOU call any of our hard working (not lazy) team ‘retards’. (I do realise of course that you do call my team ‘friendly’. That’s nice, I’m sure that will make them feel better.)

(So, here’s the offending add on to the post)….

Tripadvisor Abuse

Tripadvisor Abuse

In the days when you visited with your parents, do you know what? If they had had an issue with their food, they would have called someone over, or even got off their seats to find someone to complain to. In all the years that we have been in business, we have followed the same policy of an unquestioned refund and replacement food. In your case, we would have done the same. Not questioned your complaint, but at least had the chance to look at it, examine the batch and ask ourselves what we could do better. We value constructive feedback, however, yours is destructive and downright abusive, no matter how bad the macaroni was.

So, you didn’t bother to ask for cutlery (sorted), you didn’t tell us you had an issue and then decide to tell us on here. Thanks for that. I bet you are really proud.
Let’s get this straight; who exactly is the ‘lazy’ one here?

By the way, do remember that we don’t charge for the use of our beautiful toilets so before you start calling us names and throwing abuse at us and suggesting people bring their own food and just use the café for its toilets; have a little think about what the costs are for toilet roll alone for a business our size.

I’m not lazy, however, my time is valuable and I don’t want to waste any more of that valuable time on answering this review. I will be reporting your abuse to Tripadvisor, you have given me little choice.

Fiona Robertson, Partner.

6 comments on “Love some customers. Not.”

  1. Rennie says:

    Well Fiona, all I can say is we live in a topsy-turvy world. Some unappreciative, grammatically challenged, individual shows himself up in a public forum and endeavours to sully another good name in an inarticulate manner.
    Mind you, it could be worse… Donald Trump might be President of the USA shortly !

  2. Fiona says:

    Thank you, Rennie!

    As for Donald Trump…. OMG!

  3. This guy is obviously a head case, and any discerning person reading this tirade will realise it. TripAdvisor will remove it – takes about 4 weeks. Got the T shirt. I can guarantee that you will get MORE customers asking for yellow macaroni – kehehehe. Please don’t mention Donald Trump …………………

  4. Fiona says:

    Love you, Lesley. Xx

  5. Kenny says:

    What an absolute retard….. I am certain that any viewers with at least three brain cells more than him would see right through his blatant assaultt on the business. I’m not ordering the macaroni tomorrow ,,, but its only cos a de like it……. lol

  6. Stephen says:

    We live in an age when offence is so easily taken for absolutely no reason. What is going on in that moron’s mind is anyone’s guess. Well, ‘mind’, is a bit OTT. Kenny’s nearer the mark with cells, although he may have over estimated the number involved.
    As for me, I coming to test the ‘ yellowness’ tomorrow.

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