Like minded folk.

I started to post in Facebook, however, realised I was about to write an essay. It’s much better writing it in here. Following a hectic week, journeying from Tyndrum to Birmingham for the IAM Conference; stint in a taxi; ride from Newcastle-ish to home. Half day at work, a memorable and heart tugging run to Torridon and a stunning forecast for today. What more could a girl ask for?

Arriving home so late in the day from those trips, I’ve not been able to wash Smoggy, the poor, neglected wee soul. He gets used abused, fuelled, has to carry my ass all those miles, more fuel and to top it all, I pack all my training kit in, just to make sure the Ohlins suspension is working properly. Might have been a few miles, however, the BEST £10 spent was the ride from Lochcarron to Tyndrum. Get in, Smoggy, you are a star! Really, £10.

So, the weather was forecast as fine, game on. What was lovely, was getting a breakfast invitation. Coffee and bacon sandwiches at Richard’s house, down near Balquhidder . Richard, very kindly sent me precise instructions on how to get to his house. Reading them through, I realised that it was one of the many benefits for pursuing learning with the IAM Advanced Drivers and Riders [- Christmas special offer click here], they just know how to give instructions. I know, I can’t help it, I’m passionate about it. Just in case, you, my reader hasn’t realised. So, knowing getting to the house with a satnav wasn’t going to be remotely possible, I drew a wee memory jogger.

To where?

To where?

By the time I had drawn out my wee pictures, I had a vision embedded in my heed. I have to say, I was delighted how well it worked. I’m good with pictures!

So, I arrived bang on 8am and had a lovely start to the day. Coffee (strong) and bacon sanny (delicious). A wee chat with Gill and a moment or two to get some cat therapy. I know who’s boss in that house. Here’s a clue, it’s neither Richard nor Gill.

Cat Lady

Cat Lady

So, setting off, I’d already warned Richard that the run down was ranging in temperatures from 0.5 degrees to a balmy high of 4 degrees. The view on the way was truly breathtaking.

What we did expect were some *cough* visibility issues, however it was interesting. Visor down, visorcat needed…wipe…. repeat. Inside fogged up. Sun visor down, immediately fogged up. Inside of visor starting to get foggy; lift visor. I rode from Strathyre to Callander with tears running down my face from the wind. The only way I could see was with my visor open. I need to see if I can cope with contact lenses, it would make life easier. I felt slightly better finding out that Richard was having the same issues. It didn’t, however, stop us from having a ball. So nice riding with ‘like minded folk’. Fuel for Richard in Callander, we enjoyed a lovely run to Kincardine.

A meeting, with more like minded folk at the Tulliallan Golf Club. Nice day for chasing a white ball around a green field. I still don’t miss playing golf. I have a MUCH better hobby now.

It was an ace get together, and had a wee catch up with a lot of folk. A very positive meeting and a great atmosphere. As much as the sun was shining, the sky blue, it was fab to spend such quality time, discussing thing’s we’re passionate about.

Enough about meetings. It was about the journey to and from the meeting. Martin and I headed up via Knockhill and Glen Devon, some of my favourite roads. He has a new toy, a Ducati Hypermotard and I have to say, it was a delight to ride behind him as he obviously gelled really well with it and I could see his smile just by the way he was riding. Needless to say, riding behind someone of that skill is always an education.

I chose to go home via Crieff and for once, not by the Sma’ Glen. Time was galloping on and I knew I was tired. I had a sleepless time from about 2.30am – 5am. Just before 4am, I gave up, made a cup of Earl Grey tea and, read some of my HTBABR. I got to sleep! Also, my wee faithful friend needed de-gunked. He looked like he had been ridden through a ploughed field. Oh, he had. Mind you, to be entirely honest, it looks like I have washed Smoggy in the dark, he was that mingin’. Then the wee rascal that’s my pride and joy, decides that he needs a service and blatantly gives me the hint when I turned the ignition on. WHAT? AGAIN? You’ve already had two this year, demanding wee thing.

Dirty Boy!

Dirty Boy!

Scotland was indeed in all its glory today. I have had THE most amazing week. I guess the fact I’ve written 4 blogs tells you something. It’s connecting with people. It’s spending time with like minded folk. It’s having a smile on your face as you ride your bike in the late Autumn sunshine. It’s appreciating those that are ace people. And then there’s friends that appear in your life when you don’t expect it. To my friends, who might have read this far, thank you. Especially to the friend that I have spent considerable, educational hours on the phone to this week. I’ve counted, it’s scary.

Life is good.

In the meantime, my beloved Ed (it’s our 24th anniversary tomorrow), has landed in Portugal with Andy and Paul. I am feeling slightly smug. It’s bouncing with rain down there, in classic bounce-off-the-pavement Portugal style. I personally have never seen rain like the rain there. Luckily all the years I spent golfing, I never got caught in a rain storm, I have however, like the boys, got smashed whilst watching the therapeutic downpour. I suppose it’s a good thing. It means that the boys put their feet down for at least one day in their epic adventure!! So, sorry lads, it’s been a belter here! I hope you are having a ball!

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  1. Aaaw – you are such a good writer, Fiona! Thanks for the mention! xx

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