Life is a challenge.

The last 6 days have been challenging. There are those who know what’s been going on, others, maybe not. If you want to know, there’s about 70 of my staff who would happily ‘fill you in’, :).

For 6 days I have been a forensic accountant. The expression ‘for everything else there’s MasterCard’ is just plain sick.

Given I don’t do ‘analysis’, filing, general organisation, thinking, or anything remotely organised; the last 6 days have been out with my comfort zone. I don’t do a ‘blue’ personality. I am yellow, through and through. It’s not been good. The ultimate challenge.

Just as well my idea of filing is ‘F’ for floor. Quite apt really.

Only one thing for it, get out on the bike. Smoggy, my saviour. I was desperate. It was all too much, I knew I needed my fix.


I had the best, most flowing, smooth,’progressive’, enjoyable run. Just what the doctor ordered. Today’s stress relief was just the best.

I went via Loch Tay, Keltneyburn, Aberfeldy, Sma’ Glen, Crieff, Stirling, for a pre-meeting-meeting.

When I got to the pre-meeting-meeting, I felt just great. Well, I was asked if I still had my earplugs in. Sorry, I was just struggling to listen / hear/ concentrate.

Pre-meeting done: onwards. Me: bike. Him: bloody hell.

What pissed me off was being beaten to the ‘meeting’ by a fit fecker on a bloody PUSH BIKE! The last I saw of him was his ass sprinting down the road. I was so hacked off to find the ‘competition’ sitting, totally chilled, sitting on the pavement, playing with his phone [insert bad word of your choice].

Smug, he was.

I knew I was on a loser as he sprinted out from his driveway; quite steep, downhill, big advantage, with a GREAT BIG victorious grin, had the cheek to give me a casual wave and take a peek to see if there was any traffic. Git.

You can go off some people.

I still had to get my gloves on. 🙁 the smug sod even gave me a pre-run nod, just to be sure I knew I was in for a complete and utter PASTING. The cheek of it.

He won.

My win?

The lights on my BMW it seems are substantially better than those on a KTM. Suck it up buttercup. The future may be bright, it may be orange, however, at least I can see when I ride my wee tractor. My main beam on my bike is better than my ex-fleeing machine Honda, that says something! 😉

I was stunned at the slow moving bikes on the way home who obviously were struggling with the dark. Pfft. Oh for an IAM flier.

As for going to the pub, yep, it was very entertaining. It included the obligatory punch up. Local pub without a punch up is like …..

Fill in the blanks.

I now have the next 4 days off.

Hello Smoggy!


One comment on “Life is a challenge.”

  1. kenny says:

    Blog read and noted …… lol. Such a Cryptic message but perfectly clear to (Sherlock Poirot) hee hee.
    I am sure that the High Heid yins and the Staff at the wee trading post will rise above such challenges and keep heading onward and upward.
    “AND for eveything else there is…..”

    SMOGGY …….


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