Last minute, as usual.

I don’t do ‘organised’, I do last minute stuff. So far for my holiday, I have gluten free pasta, oatcakes, waterproof jacket, funky t-shirts and Bawbags on the spare room bed. Organised? NO. Priorities right? Possibly.

Bawbags; the best thing for under your bike trousers by far. Not the cotton ones, the ones with ‘TWAT’ Technology. ‘Thermal Wicking Active Technology’. Brilliant. I tried on Ed’s ones (not being kinky in the slightest), and haven’t looked back since. I won’t go into detail, I could be really crude, but I am going to restrain myself, for once. They are the mutts (un-sweaty) nuts. Not that I have nuts. I do have a bit of common sense though.

There’s something wrong though, I have covered one of the spare beds and Ed has a wee pile of t-shirts and underwear. I think I might have to filter things to Ed or cut back on the clothes I am taking. Packing for everything…. hot, cold, swimming (really?) and making sure I don’t starve.

We have our Draggin jeans, socks (one thermal pair which I might have to wear on Wednesday) and I have a nightie for the train journey from Düsseldorf to the south of Austria; only because I am sharing a cabin with 3 men. I haven’t packed earplugs, that’s the lads’ problem, I’m the one that snores. I’ll be the one sleeping. Be afraid, be very afraid. If you don’t have ear plugs, you will need lots of alcohol.

Tomorrow, last minute as usual, I will get my panniers and work out what I really do need and what I can live without. For everything else, there’s Mastercard.

As for the ‘touring sticker’ for our panniers, it’s slightly weird. Cheers Andy, your sense of humour is tilting toward the odd. It is, however, stuck with a reserved pride on my pannier. Don’t think it’ll come off in a stiff breeze. How I’m going to explain that one will need Google translate, hell, I had to ‘look it up’.

One day of work to go. Not that I’m counting. The bonus, before we go? Mum is cooking dinner for us tomorrow night. Saves on dishes. Means I will have to be well organised then. When will that happen? Don’t know if I want to be doing last minute organising after going to Mum’s for supper. Might end up packing the cat.

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