It’s never on a quiet Tuesday….

There may be some choice language in this blog. If you can’t handle it, it’s simple, don’t bloody read it.

It’s always an action packed Saturday. One thing’s for sure running a business like The Green Welly Stop, there’s never a dull moment.

I was sitting minding my own business this morning, eating my breakfast (vegetable soup and a banana). The Oban Saints Football team were in having their snack on the way to their football match. They’re a nice bunch really, we always have a good bit of banter with them. Today however, I was less than impressed with one of the players who was having a bit of a rant about the price of a bowl of soup and bread. What he was saying and the volume of his voice, I had no choice to have a quiet word with him. I asked him if he had an problem, that he should direct it to one of our management team, not share his opinion with the other 100 people in the restaurant. Needless to say there were words had, he didn’t like being told to tone it down. He was saying he was directing his comments to his pals at the table opposite. Aye, right. Shut up, will you. In the meantime, one of his pals joins in. Good god, give it a rest. As it turns out, they missed getting their usual local discount today, it was a new member of staff on the till. Oops. Never the less, he shouldn’t have such a big gob.

I’ve emailed the team manager, however, I still think that his behaviour was out of order. My behaviour? My hackles were up, that’s for sure. I was very calm, up to a point. I was thoroughly put off my soup!

I’ve calmed down somewhat. It’s been a busy day, however, I got news today that a ‘problem’ has buggered off to London and isn’t coming back. You know, there was going to be a sacking anyway. As the boss, I detest being lied to, and I know for a fact that this person has lied to me. That’s fine. Good luck in London, I hope you enjoy it. Someone said to me recently that my job is pi$$ easy. Really? 90 staff (well, 89 right now), and everyday there’s a complaint, moan or gripe about something. Never mind, at least now I won’t have to go through a disciplinary with this now ex-staff member. I love my job, I love my team however, on this occasion someone had been pushing my buttons. That’s not to be recommended! Pushed one button too many!

So, what’s next. I’m helping cover the restaurant counter, whilst we try to get more staff. Anyone needing a job? Ally comes up to me and says they have caught a shoplifter. Nice. So, I leave the counter to be told that they have managed to catch the guy, and got him to pay for the goods, however, they need help to find him and escort him off the premises. There he was in his Superman hoody. “Excuse me sir,” I said, “It’s time to leave the premises.” So, I escort him out, and he continues to hover round the entrance to the business. Just for good measure, I put an ’emergency’ call out on the walkie-talkie: “Code 10…. all departments be aware of a young man wearing a Superman hoody, he has been escorted out for shoplifting.” Just to let all the team know that the problem is still hanging around.

I walked towards the man, who was standing on the patio outside the front door, and there was the Dalmally Policeman (out of uniform) having a word with him. Good on you Ian! Needless to say, it wasn’t long before Superman left, tail between his legs.

Back in the Outdoor Store, I went to find out what it was that he had knicked. All that for a £2 bracelet. Really, for goodness sakes, GET A LIFE. At least the last shoplifter did it big style with a Paramo Jacket. That’s another tale to tell!

So, just at that, I get a text from Craig, telling me to read his latest, brief blog. Oh ha bloody ha Craig. Your timing was well and truly crap. That prank went down like a lead balloon. *whack* Click on the words ‘brief blog’ up there and you can read what he did. Very entertaining.

I thought that 3 ‘things’ were bad enough, however, that’s me on #4 already. That’s not good for my little ticker on a busy Saturday. Now that I have spent my *ahem* lunch break writing this, I feel better for it. I should go and find some more staff and make sure that no further wheels have fallen off our normally well oiled machine.

6 comments on “It’s never on a quiet Tuesday….”

  1. Craig says:

    Awwww Fi… not everyone knows you had a shit day…

    I didn’t do anything wrong – what I wrote was the gods honest truth… You just read between the lines…

    Superman hoodie for a bracelet… wonder if it was for his wonder woman!
    a local?

  2. Fiona says:

    It’s not really been a ‘shit day’ as such, just a day in the life of my marvellous business.

    I need wine.

  3. Kenny says:

    “Some would say that anyone who steals should have a finger cut off each time they are caught. How many re-offenders would learn their lesson whilst they still had a finger to pick their nose or a thumb to wipe their ass!!”

    Shit I better hide my Super Man Jamies ……. eek.

  4. george says:

    Brings back many memories, Fi, just keep calm and taking the wine. Be reassured, at your young stage in life , there will be other days like this. On the other hand there will be more and better days of shear satisfaction and joy !!

  5. craig says:

    You know what – I wish I’d bought that bottle 2 year ago!!!!!!!!


  6. Fiona says:

    What on earth made you re-visit this blog?!?!

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