I (still) hate TripAdvisor

I hate it, with a passion. It gives all the little people power to their keyboards. What I don’t understand is why the general public don’t take the time to tell us there and then that they are dissatisfied, it’s so much easier to deal with any quality issues.

Normally I have a rant on Facebook about my hatred of TripAdvisor, however, I thought I would write in here because 1) I’ve not blogged in ages; 2) People would probably think ‘geez, look at the length of that post, I’m not going to bother’. At least if you’re reading this, then you are marginally interested in reading it and happy for me to let off steam on my own blog!

I religiously read and answer all the reviews that we get. Some days I wish I’d never started. Some are soul destroying, some rude, some very accurate and some I just want to get hold of the author and give them a damn good shake. The most recent one, had me incandescent with rage. I have to say, it takes a great deal to get me upset. There were accuracies in the report, however, why not just NOT come back. Why go and write horrible things about my business, where the author obviously doesn’t give a rat’s ass about how it makes people feel, especially when so much time, effort, blood, sweat and tears are poured into what we all do here in the middle of nowhere.

Then there are those that must think we have a fleet (?) of robots behind the scenes. No. We don’t, we work with human beings. They have feelings too and I am sure they are every bit as hacked off as me at those who think it’s acceptable to rant about food quality after they get home. There’s no excuse. If there’s an issue with food quality, there’s no-one to blame but us. That’s big of me, isn’t it? It’s a fact though. I am sure you will agree we can all make mistake, forget to do something, not notice something, because we’re human. We don’t have our tonnes of food produced somewhere else, in a big factory, manufactured by other people where we have no say in quality, we do it all …. well, apart from buying in bread. We wouldn’t want to have to do that too, our marvellous bakers have a tough enough job! Here’s a look at the pre-Easter cake stock, which lasted all of 3 days!

Easter cake stock

Easter cake stock

So, my rule for this horrible invention of a website, is this: If you haven’t brought an issue to someone’s attention at the time, when it could have been sorted, then don’t bang on about it on TripAdvisor. If you have had a really crap experience, tell someone that can do something about it. If you have had a marvellous time, crack on and tell the world – that’s how I make use of it, that’s for sure. Whatever happens, be fair.

It’s about time we get our annual accounts. When we get them, I’m going to ask my other half to calculate just how much dosh it takes to run our business for one hour.

So, here’s the report that made me bristle. Yes, some of it is accurate, however, my hackles got a workout.

“Monstrosity which might look fine in Glasgow”
Reviewed by Paul S
It’s outrageous that whoever decides planning in this area could enable anyone to build this horrific place. A kind of (vastly) overpriced shopping mall cum 1970s style motorway service station in the middle of the highlands. An eyesore. It’s not even good value. Even the take away food is ridiculously expensive …I buy better and cheaper in Central London. Avoid if you can. It’d probably be cheaper to find a mall in Glasgow and buy stuff there. But I guess it does provide employment.

Fiona R, Owner at Green Welly Stop, responded to this review, 1 Apr 2016
Wow, thanks for that. I’m really at loss for words.

I am sure there are cheaper places and I can assure you there are also places that are much more expensive. You are right, we are a ‘service station’ and yes, the restaurant was built in the 1970s, hence why it’s quite tricky to modernise our servery counter; the pillars hold the roof up. Believe me, if we had the funds, I would rebuild the restaurant in a heartbeat.

We have built, knocked down, and re-built various parts of our business since 1965 constantly improving and updating and re-investing in our business. It doesn’t suit everyone, and certainly by all accounts doesn’t suit you. Luckily it suits lots and lots of other (faithful) customers.

I will be sure to share your comments with my hard working team of 90 – yes, ninety staff, so you are correct, we do provide employment, lots of it. In actual fact, we are one of the largest employers north of Stirling (not that you care). We also have huge overheads, however, I am sure you will be aware of this given your obvious experience in running a retail business.

It seems I wasn’t lost for words after all. My family have been and continue to put our heart and soul into our business for 51 years. I am a realist though, I know we don’t suit everyone, however I am ever so slightly offended at being called a ‘monstrosity’. Thank you so much for sharing your views. I don’t expect we’ll be seeing you back in the business again.

Fiona Robertson

Yes, I was restrained. I just wanted to write two words, you can imagine what they would be.

I have lots more blogs stirring around my head at the moment, especially one about the antics on our forecourt last year. That’ll be an epic one.

5 comments on “I (still) hate TripAdvisor”

  1. David says:

    You are so right..Good to get it of your chest though

  2. Craig says:

    Wow, that’s just bloody incredible…
    The amount of people that post saying they welcome the sight far outweighs this monstrosity of a pig ignorant person..

  3. what a twatt of a man. an arse.
    are you going to put these choice words somewhere? kehe

  4. Lorna says:

    Good riddance! You & your staff don’t need that kind of custom!

  5. Davy says:

    Brilliant answer Fi. There was absolutely no point in the post and I think that intelligent people will dismiss it for what it is…bollocks!
    I do trip advisor often and always try to be positive (at least on most points) and I always like to note that they (the target|)
    reply to the posts…it shows they do give fcuk about their business.
    Keep up the great work…we all luv it xx

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