What a week. Wellies, waders, & weights needed. Snow, rain, & more wind than you could get from farty pants consuming an articulated lorry of the world’s best baked beans. Why the weights? To stop yourself getting blown down the glen. To some, there might be an eyebrow-raising moment at the thought of getting ‘blown down the glen’, however, in all honesty, if you ‘chose’ to go out in those condition, then fill yer boots….. with snow, rain, twigs, crisp bags, bin lids, watering cans, hats, umbrellas and, if you are lucky enough to have large feet, a trampoline.

If you don’t have a clue what I am talking about, go onto YouTube & check out hurricanebawbag and the trampoline. Class. If I was intelligent enough to use this iPhone app, I would at this point, put in a kinky (damnyouautocorrect) linky.

I stayed nice, warm & cosy with the wind & rain howling, writing an essay (I was writing the essay, not the rain), with the windows behind me flexing like crazy. I have never been so glad to be inside.

An extra bonus, the house no longer leaks. What a complete sod it would have been to find out otherwise!

So, I guess it’s winter then?

Hmmm, mind you, apparently it’s nearly Christmas. Ed asked me tonight what I wanted for Christmas, I said “nothing”. Then I remembered I was about to run out of perfume.

“Where the hell do I get that?! I have been searching for it for ages!” asks Ed.

In fairness, it is really hard to find now. Paloma Picasso has been around for a while, and is getting scarce.

So, I said, “Come on, if you want to find something, who do you ask?”

Here was me expecting him to say “Google”.

No, he didn’t say Google. He said, Craig. Oh dear. Mind you, as they say, if you want to find out something you don’t hear ‘I’ll just ‘yahoo that’…’

Dear Santa, can someone please, PLEASE, educate my husband on the joy of shopping on Amazon?

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