Holidays and a big bad attitude….

It’s not a good combination, is it? When your best friend tells you ‘It’s time for a holiday’ (not that politely). I think it’s time to have a long hard look at myself. Hmmmm. Where did I lose the plot? What have I done that people close to me are saying ‘you need a holiday’?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not denying it. It’s just painful to be told. It takes a lot for me to listen (carefully) to anyone, not matter how close they are to me, never mind telling me I ‘need’ a holiday. No matter how hard you want to bash them on the nose (for being right) it’s not a good thing to be told. What are the signs? Not being able to work something out? Not being able to understand something? Doing something (anything) that is out of character? Having a rage about the fly that has landed and defecated on the bonnet of your car? Having it suggested that you are not having a problem with rush hour in Edinburgh, you just happen to be in the ‘wrong lane’? That buses, being bigger than you ‘insist’ on pulling out and do exactly that. Keep calm and carry on. Cars on the motorway in the pishing rain not having their lights on, expecting you to be able to see them? Ar$es who tailgate you in the 40mph speed limit, where really, the weather conditions are that bad, you are slightly concerned doing 38? Tap the brakes, get the pillock off your ass! Then pull over, when you can, let the fud get past you, then wait until the road works clear up and show him your lovely, pert, not-so-shiny-ass as you whiffle past him at 70.2mph. (not). Needless to say, I am not describing my own ‘personal’ pert not-so-shiny-ass. The Beast’s cute ass. There, that sorts out that momentary confusion.

What else adds to this rant?

Blackberrys…. yup, having your phone with you and knowing what’s going on at work. In many ways it’s a good thing, other ways it’s puredeadshite. At least it gave me a heads up on things happening. Holiday? The Blackberry is just for texting (annoying ones that involve ‘really wish you were here’) and for calling home to tell Mum that I am having a great time, and not in a heap in the local Whistler hospital telling them that really, I can’t have torn my ACL because I did that the last time I ended up in hospital in Whistler! It’s also a really good alarm clock when you can’t be ar$ed working out how to set the tv. Why should I worry, Ed wakes at silly o’clock anyway, what better alarm clock is there?

So, holidays. Last year, my big downfall was having too may ‘week long’ (*read – ‘short’) holidays – it was lots of fun, going skiing with my Mum and then going to Montana with Mum and Jessica. This year I will be better at taking time off. I promise. I don’t know who I am promising to right now, other than the people in my life that know I am a pain in the ‘whatsit’ when I need a holiday.

So, what’s the point in this blog? Do you actually NEED a point to blog? Nope, you really don’t. It gives me the chance to get a load off my (ample) chest and to really express my feelings. I don’t think that Ed has read many of these (not a bad thing). I don’t think I really should be surprised. If I discovered that Iain, my lovely big brother had read one of these, I might be slightly amazed / gob smacked / speechless* (*delete where applicable). Everyone should have a ‘blog-rant’ available to them… You always feel so refreshed after…

In the meantime, I am going to tread very, very lightly over the next few days. (no, really, I am….) I am not going to deal with a damn thing that I don’t have to…. I am going to delegate. (OMG – WHAT’S THAT?) On Monday, I am going to set up an Out Of Office email that might not be polite, but hopefully slightly humorous. It might involve ‘Canada’, skiing, cocktails, chilling, and perhaps the word, holiday. Shock, horror, I am confessing that I am going on holiday and not going to deal with business emails. At least I know that the person who is going to get the ‘important’ ones has agreed to it. Fantastic.

In the meantime, there is a long list of friends that I really, really want to be going on this holiday with us. You know who you are. One of those days, we will all go to Whistler together. Now, that WOULD be a blast.

So, I fully intend to blog from Whistler, post pictures, and generally keep a daily diary.

On the subject, if you are reading this, leave a comment on here, not just on facebook, that’ll really make me happy, not that I need a happy injection, just that I need to know you have read my blog and perhaps enjoyed it too.

6 comments on “Holidays and a big bad attitude….”

  1. Craig dearden says:

    Fi – you deserve the holiday – both YOU AND ED
    spend some quAlity time together and do things YOU want to do too!!

    Just don’t go in that whistler hospital – even if it is damned good!!!

    Ps – your blog is fabby, it’s a pity more people don’t comment here – it’s just the usual friends – oh aye ME!!!!
    enjoy your ollyday – just mildly jealous …..
    sent from my IPhone – hehe

  2. Annie says:

    Brilliant….by the way my toilet bag is always packed and i can go on holiday at the drop of a hat…be it a Sking hat…Beret….or even an Ascot type !!!For Whistler i can grab in 5 mins..thermal leggings, vests nickers, cosy jacket and all my cosy hats…purchased ofcoure from the GWS !! All in hand luggage, am i sounding desperate…plans already formulating “for us all to go” !! Have a fabby time, love you xxx

  3. Karen Stuart says:

    Have had a catch up with all you are up to and looked at your blog which is fantastic and a great read. Hope you are having a smashing holiday – sounds like you deserve it. My mum and dad are over the ocean too at the moment but in slightly warmer climates (barbados) – Dad and i were having a laugh about the reunion – hope to see you again soon and not leave it so many years. Karenx

  4. Liz Stevens says:

    I understand exactly what you mean about “NEEDING” a holiday. I need to take a few more myself!
    Have a great time and dont break anything – even that shiny ass! LOL

  5. Kara Kennedy says:

    Fi, as always, LOVED your blog! It’s good to know that i’m not the only person that has rants like this. Hope you’re enjoying your well deserved holiday!xx

  6. admin says:


    Cannae beat a good rant!

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