Heading homeward.

I was hoping for a short day. Common theme? Two days ago, I was saying the same thing. I know we haven’t covered many miles, however, it’s been pretty intense.

Heading into the Black Forest; the route was slow, but pretty. Then we got into the forest. It was stunning, fabulous road, all pretty much in good condition. Sweeping bends, surrounded by beautiful trees (no shit, Sherlock!). Ed had chosen a route that took us round in a loop. It was all going so well. Then Fanny decided to have her afternoon siesta. WTF?!?!

It seemed that she had decided that we needed a last corner-fest before we went home. As much as it was lovely, getting more cornering practice, it was frustrating covering the roads again, looking for one village, which, we have still not found!

We wanted and needed an early day. It just wasn’t going to happen.

One guesthouse that we stopped at had potential. We stopped and looked for someone, anyone. Nope. We used their facilities, thankfully. I realised that that was what I was needing. A pee. My concentration took leaps and bounds after that.

It was a bit surreal though. The whole area was, in a nutshell, a bit ‘Twin Peaks’. It was Ed that suggested that. He was spot on. He then said, ” Look, there’s the Log Lady!” That brought a smile to my tetchy face. There she was, coming down the hill. Couldn’t see if she was cuddling a log in her arms, but it sure as hell looked like it!

For my readers that never followed Twin Peaks, sorry, this will make no sense. An American programme, from the 90’s. A bit odd, but compulsive viewing. There was one character, Audrey, who could tie a cherry stalk in a knot, whilst it was still in her mouth. She did this as part of an ‘interview’ for the local knocking shop. It was quite, erm….. ‘Impressive’.

Needless to say, it was a challenge. Yes, I can do it. 😉

Looking for accommodation was interesting. Closed, no one home. Days off. Eh? It was scary how many places looked closed or were closed. I know, we do fly by the seat of our pants when it comes to accommodation. At the end of the day, if there were more than just the two of us, we’d have to plan! Good god, someone will have to do that for me!

Eventually, we found somewhere to stay. Don’t ask me where the hell we are. Frankly, I don’t care. Due to my near sense of humour failure, we hit the beer / wine before we went to the room. I was a bitty ‘staggery-bobbery’ as soon as I stood up. (Deirdre will know what Staggery-Bobbery means. Hi, Deirdre! My biggest blog fan!) The wine is superb, the schnitzel was the best. Ed’s chicken and chips (in a basket) was to die for. Given we hadn’t had lunch, AGAIN, it was nectar. It’s 8pm now. I think this might be the earliest night yet.

Our 'somewhere' accommodation

Our ‘somewhere’ accommodation

It was an early night. I think I was sound asleep by 9:15. I had a solid 11 hours sleep. Yep, I can sleep, that’s for sure.

I did think about taking a picture or two. It was just all trees. I could fox you and take a picture anywhere. You get the picture? Yep.

Today, Thursday, we are heading to France via the north west of the Black Forest. It may be we have to hit the motorway on Friday. Oh well, we haven’t been on many to be fair. No a single autobahn in Switzerland and in typically Scottish fashion saved a lot of money on a vignette!

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