Got to love travelling

It all started with a gig in Glasgow. We left home, had supper in the way so missed rush hour in Glasgow. Bonus. Off to see the Hives at the O2 ABC.

It was odd going to a gig where we had only listened to a CD a couple of days previously. Paul was convinced though that they wouldn’t disappoint. He was correct, they were very good. Looked great when they all came on stage dressed in top hats and tails. Nice. Didn’t take long for them to get rid of them though. It must have been a tad sweaty on the stage. Especially the drummer who was let’s say vigorous!


It was a bit odd at one or two points in the gig. The first was the point where the entire band just froze. Didn’t move even an eyeball. It seemed like an eternity. Then, BOOM! They were off again. The second was the lead singer demanding everyone sat down. We did. Amazing, given it was Glasgow and everyone was doing as they were told! The security guards were laughing in sheer amazement!


All in all, a good gig. We headed off to Edinburgh to the flat, setting the alarm for 5:30. Good god, the only time I normally see that time is when I am in the Wide Awake Club. It came around really quickly, too quickly. Fired ourselves through the shower and off to the airport.

I had booked the parking for the wrong date. I was meant to park up yesterday, oops! I think that must have been a warning of what was about to come. Not only that, I ‘thought’ I had booked where I normally park. No. I was only 200m out. Thank god.

Anyway, onwards to the terminal. Just getting there and Ed announces he has left his jacket in the car. Off he trots back to the car park, whilst I buy a coffee. If you think leaving the jacket is bad, wait for the rest.

Through security, and a nice wee nip of Balblair 95 went down really well before having breakfast. Said to Ed it was time to go to the gate. Got there and realised that we hadn’t actually booked with KLM, but the Sleezy Jet flight. DOH. Off back through the terminal to the correct gate, only to get moved to another. Ended up back where we started. Boy, I was popular.

Sleazy Jet were looking for people to put their bags in the hold, free of charge. Fine, got us to the front of the queue. Great flight, I had a new driving book to read (sad anorak) so I was happy. Known for excellence in cat-napping, I headed into a snooze as the plane landed. Ed shook me awake, “let’s go now…” So I did, picked up my book and jacket and off I trotted.

A game we always play when we’re in airports is racing on the travelators, well, me and my short legs gets the easy bit! It’s a big airport so took a bit to walk through to the baggage area. Didn’t quite make it there at that point though. Ed suggested getting smoothies whilst he went to the loo.

That’s when I realised. My heart sank, I had left my bag with wallet, keys etc on the plane. Oh dear god. I literally hoofed it back down to where our flight came in, back along the travelators, accosted two policemen for advice and even had to go back through security. I have no idea how I managed to stand still in the x-ray machine, I was twitching. The lady on the other side was determined to frisk my ankle….

I burst into a run…. well, a jiggly jog actually and managed to barge my way through the remaining passengers who were boarding the flight to Edinburgh who were quite accepting when they realised I had left my bag on the flight! The woman at the desk had my bag, phew.

“Do you have any ID please?”
“Umm… No, sorry I don’t, my husband has it.” She did eventually seem convinced that it was mine and handed it over. What a relief. I needed more than a smoothie now! My walk back was a bit slower this time.

Got train tickets, and headed off, only to have another disaster. Electrical failure on the line we needed. Right now we are on train #3, zig-zagging our way to Arnhem, the long way. The Utrecht line having issues it seems. So far we have not fallen out. I guess there’s time for that.

I am also bursting for the loo, after a smoothie and a Starbucks frappucino. I am however, glad we had a decent breakfast. At the moment, it’s a case of where the fcuk are we?!?!

At Hilverson station we had about 5 minutes for our train. We needed to pee. We both managed to get to the loo, however, I was left standing on the platform with the bags. As Ed came out the loo, the train was pulling out of the station. Oops.

There was only one thing for it. Warming chips & mayonnaise. Luckily there was another train along in 20 minutes.

Train #4.
Train #5.

At last we are on the train to Arnhem. A bit of a roundabout way for a shortcut. We are both agreed on one thing….. Should have brought the bloody motorbikes. Would have been well oiled in the pub by now. I fell asleep and woke up as we pulled into Arnhem. This time Ed made sure I had my bag with me. No fear, I didn’t remove my bag at all until I got to Ted’s house!

Chips a great idea. Feel much warmer now! If Ed thinks I am getting a bus to Ted’s house, he can Foxtrot Oscar.

So, it’s been a day of planes, trains (5 of them) and automobiles. I got my way with the (expensive) taxi. Arrived at Ted’s house, he’s handed me a bottle of wine and a huge glass.

I have to say I am impressed there hasn’t been a single cross word between us, it’s a first!

Now we are here, we can get in with our weekend! Woop!

Mental night out on Friday night in the pub, lots of dancing and lots of laughs! It was late o’clock when we got back. Slept the sleep of the dead. Saturday we get to do it all over again.

Planning on leaving in plenty time to get back to the airport on Sunday!

3 comments on “Got to love travelling”

  1. Craig says:

    pmsl – you are both beyond belief….
    How you run a business I’ll never know!!!!!

  2. Fiona says:

    Aye, you have a point. Idiots abroad springs to mind! 🙂

  3. George C. Betty says:

    Two songs come to mind – “Trains and Boats and Planes ” – a hit back in the early sixties by Peter, Paul and Mary, , there version of their trips was , shall we say , a little less frenetic than yours. The other was , perhaps, more appropriate to you ” Heaving On A Jet Plane ” by the Barron Knights – have a listen if you have time !! Anyway the blog is, as usual, a super bit of realistic writing which is a joy to read !!

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