Fi, Ed & Nutty’s Summer Adventure

The holiday starts with Smoggy being loaded up to the gunnels.

Ready to go

Ready to go

All our camping gear had to be packed. I know, it isn’t my favourite pastime. What’s even worse is, the tent’s tiny. Apparently when Ed’s faithful tents ‘gave up the ghost’, he asked MY opinion on what size tent to buy. What the hell? Never mind giving an opinion, I wasn’t even listening! (Apparently).

We have no intention of touring with the tent. It’ll be B&B or hotels. At least with an ensuite rather than bog-in-a-bag. Classy stuff.

The run down to Newcastle was just lovely, the A68 then onto the Coldstream road – A697. Yes, there are speed cameras, however, it was a gorgeous day, the roads were quite quiet all told. It’s a smooth road, technical in places, and great fun. Lovely run to Newcastle.

We met up with the Caledonia Harley Club before the ferry for some food. It’s unanimous that the ferries are a rip off for food. Steak dinner and a bottle of wine, about £120 is just plain daft. You’d think they would realise that their restaurants are empty! For everything else, there’s crisps to keep the hunger at bay!

Good craic on the the ferry, we were both pooped though. We opted for a very sensible early night. Getting old?

Off the ferry. Right hand switch on. How does that work, it’s an automatic thing now, adapting to riding on the right. Dead handy for waving at bikers! On the way there were planes above us, having just taken off… What a strange sight. I wanted to shout, “giddy up! Flap those wings!” They looked like they were going to fall on us. We went the direct route so we could get the tent pitched (yack).

Nutty & Ed

Nutty & Ed

Getting our priorities right. We went to the local bar and spar for lunch and tent snacks. And water. (Yvonne says I can start a sentence with ‘and’.) Now it’s party time, well, perhaps after a wee snooze.

The holiday’s started.

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