Farewell, my friend.

Farewell my friend the time has come,

It’s been 4 years and I have to think of my tum.

Not that I am getting old

and have a problem with my works,

it’s just time to go,

incontinence pants are just not fun.

I fell in love with you,

I burned your rubber,

It was in an instant passion,

and an immediate lover.

I loved your scream as I hit your spot,

A sense of exhilaration, I certainly got.

It’s one of those things I have to say,

some things have had their day.

It breaks my heart after my fourth type R

To say goodbye today.

There’s a tear in my eye right now,

Even though with Ed and I it was nearly a row,

He wasn’t fond of my FD, and I wonder why?

It’s fast, it’s furious and looks fantastic,

Ed just saw it as a lump of plastic.

So we move on and we accept the change,

It’s weird, you know but it’s been ballistic.

That’s enough of rhyme, I’m quite exhausted.

I have to draw the line.

It’s sensible time, I have my joy,

with George and Smoggy as my  toys,

it’s time to go, The Beast,

You’ve been lots of fun,

What I’m going to miss, is not hard to guess,

Stopping for a pee when you least suspect.

I’m looking for comfort when I have to drive,

without the need to take a dive,

behind some bushes, flashing yer bum &

getting a toot from passing scum.

So, it’s upwards and onwards,

my new whip is here,

all singing and dancing with all the new gear.

At least it’s practical, can be driven in the snow

maximum frustration for me, you know.

If you see me tomorrow, good luck with that,

I’ll be in vtec… full chat.

You might hear me, but give me a wave,

My facial expression will be grave….

Coz, I will be sad.

I bought my first Type R with my Dad. :'(

Crying, big style now.

Love you Dad. Thank you for my addiction to things that are red and fast.

(I didn’t expect this reaction, in the slightest – gosh)

George, Dad's baby, now mine!

George, Dad’s baby, now mine!







Smoggy, admiring the view

Smoggy, admiring the view






















One comment on “Farewell, my friend.”

  1. Craig says:

    Awww – lovely
    At least it’s still Honda …….

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