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I have to say that there is a wee competition running between Facebook and Twitter. So, the chat is, that Craig, our business webmaster (talented, witty twitterer & clever (physicist)) has set the challenge of the number of followers/fans between the two sites. For long enough, my ass (large) has been firmly oot the window (stuck). Until today. For some strange reason, I have started playing catch up. We now have 321 fans on Facebook, compared to 347 followers on Twitter…. come on you Facebook fans…. the RACE IS ON!!!!! The Green Welly have now over 1000 tweets on Twitter….. however, I have to say there have been some truly lovely comments coming back to the business through Facebook!

1000th tweet

1000th tweet

Now, there may be some of you out there who have Facebook. That is cool. Sign up as a fan…. Mike, my pal from Aberdeen persuaded me (eventually) into the Social Network scene. Cool. It is really interesting, in particular, finding out about people that I know/work with (don’t let that put you off and take me out of your Facebook friends)…. knowing/understanding what makes them tick and be able to have a chat with my staff (in particular) about their life outside work. Keeping up with distant (that’s ones that are a long way away) friends is even more special…. looking at (embarrassing) photos in the hope that my staff who are on Facebook don’t peek…. Fat chance. I hope you have all missed the one of me leaning on my ‘beloved’ Cortina estate… in my slim fit days…. yes, I was once upon a time slim and fit!

As for Twitter a lot of us really don’t understand it – so for those of you who do, ace, and for those of you who don’t, it’s handy, fun, interesting and can be very beneficial. I think there are those out there who try it, and apparently if you are not hooked in two weeks, then you will give up – something like me and my BlackBerry! There are also those who don’t understand (Mike) who make their opinion known. Fine. That’s great, but don’t hold it against those who do enjoy it and understand it…. Me? I am still learning and regularly get a whack on the back of the head for not understanding that it is all pretty much in ‘real time’. I take those whacks across the back of the head as a school day…. live, learn and get on with it!

Both of the above are a lark, and you can get all sorts of good stuff from them, and also, not to forget (forget what – just been interrupted by Craig on MSN)…. What’s MSN? Might leave that for another post – that involves a story with Mike too, who has never, ever and never will forgive me for (allegedly) causing his computer to go tits up after me installing MSN. Just like the story of the light bulbs and light switches. So, watch it Mike, you may have a pick on me, but I can also have a wee giggle at your expense too!!!! In the meantime, I am going to run and hide, coz I may be up to my ass in trouble now. At least I can float.

oh, aye, p.s. I still can’t remember what the fcuk I was on about before I got blipped on MSN…

Sorry. Will let you know as soon as I remember!

live life. love life. 🙂

Tip for tonight – don’t have your nipples too close to the gas….it hurts…. oooohhhyaaaa!

2 comments on “Facebook v’s Twitter”

  1. Cyndi says:

    Hiya Fi,
    This post is class haha, specially when you started rambling on, got msn’d and then forgot to finish what you were talkin bout. haha but the question I have is… the tip for the night…is this why prey tell were your nipples hangin down over the gas to begin with, I’m guessing this is without the boulder holder on eh? hahaha well done Fi, keep the bloggin up its good fun and a great read for a wee pick me up :)!!

  2. admin says:

    Ah …. Well! I can assure you that the over the shoulder boulder holder was well in place! I had 5 pans on the stove all at once and leant over to stir the one at the back, not realising that the gas was licking up the side of the front pan.

    Must pay more attention! It really did hurt lots.

    And lots!

    Still sare today, but didn’t think that whipping off my bra and sticking my nipple into a sink of water would go down very well with the assembled company, which included my mother in law and one of our neighbours, Paul.

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