Early Birthday Present…..

I went down to Edinburgh last night with hubby and pals. We all went on our motorbikes, parked up, cocktails, dinner at our favourite Thai restaurant – a great laugh. On the way back from Dinner last night, Ed said that he was going to organise a demo at the Harley Dealership. I had to say (again) “What part of ‘I don’t want a Harley’ don’t you understand?”

If Harley Davidson made helicopters, would YOU get in one?

The plan was: Andy get his bike serviced, and I was going to take a F650GS out for a demo. Up early to beat the traffic wardens, and down to the BMW dealership in Dalkeith.

Coffee was an essential starting point. Ellen admitted to feeling a tad ‘jaded’. Really. Must get more practice, girl! I felt just great. Stood there, drank my (exceptionally strong) coffee and viewed the bikes, wondering which chariot I was going to go out on for the demo. Things seemed to be going a bit slowly. Hmmm. What was strange, our friend Paul had ridden down to the garage. He had left home at the back of 6 to make sure he was there with us. I just thought, that’s nice, must have needed a good excuse to get out!

So, then I was told that I had to go through with them all to get the demo bike, which was through the back of the garage. Imagine my shock and amazement when I went in to see a brand, spanking new F650GS with birthday banners, balloons and streamers attached to it! WOW!

My birthday present!

My birthday present!

I was stunned and amazed. Paul took a video, which once it downloads sometime in the next century, I will see if I can work out how to add it! Next to it, was Ed’s new bike too…. I knew that he was getting one, and apparently, both bikes had been in the garage for a few weeks, just waiting for today!

It had been the best kept secret in the glen. Everyone knew – the postie (under instructions not to hand me the envelope with my documents in) the office staff and ALL my family and friends. Sent texts/emails saying ‘woopee’ and all the answers I got back told me that I was the only person that didn’t have a scooby doo!

I had to wait patiently whilst we got the paperwork done. Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Then we were on our way….

Ready for the off on my new steed!

Ready for the off on my new steed!

I wasn’t really prepared for the difference between the two bikes. I had ridden my trusty Suzuki for a few years, and found it hard work on my arms and shoulders. It is a glorious riding position, and the first thing that I was aware of was how light the bike is and really easy to manoeuvre.

We had to head home as Andy and Ellen had to let the girls out (their chickens) and welcome their guests to their fabby B&B. The run up was ace. The roads were busy, and Andy kept us at a steady pace. It is really, really ace. What a fantastic (early) birthday present. Spoilt. I can’t wait to get out again and go for a wee blast…. below 5k revs of course!

We wanted to go out again tonight, however, it was not to be. It started to lash with rain. Damn.

I will look forward to having miles of smiles and hope that my wee Suzuki goes to a good home…..

My Suzuki and Loch Leven

My Suzuki and Loch Leven

So, part 2 of my birthday was a surprise party, all my pals turned up at the house and were all there when I got back from work… what a surprise – all the party crew from my car club (if you can call it that, but its kind of the best description) and my bestest chums!!!

What was even better was having my new car delivered – I was meant to collect it the day after my birthday – thank goodness I didn’t – I was well hungover!

A week full of surprises and two new toys to play in!!! My second toy:



Off to a gift trade show in Harrogate, so yup, it’s the car I will be going in to Englandshire!! Bring on The Beast!

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