Bored? Yep, I am!

This snow stuff is really irritating, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, it’s really pretty, however, I am gagging to get out on my wee bike and I’m not really that worried about the mess it gets into…. after all, I’ve been washing it all winter after every ride. Snow, you have 6 days to go away. If not, I am getting a shovel out and lots of grit.

Home alone (always the time when I blog) I was bored, and trying not to go to bed at 8.30, I thought I would make some stuff up. Oh dear! I do come up with the oddest stuff. Here’s my attempts at limericks:

There is a lass called Fi,
Who has an issue with her knee.
She doesn’t feel it now,
What a silly cow,
Gob and foot sare, oh, me.


There was a girl from Tyndrum,
Who had a very itchy bum.
Not to be stressed,
Or get in a mess,
She scratched her arse and played dumb.


My Mum’s favourite:

There was a young man from Newcastle,
Who wrapped up a shit in a parcel.
He sent it by post,
To an aunt up the coast,
To show her the size of his arsehole,

(I have to apologise for that, oh well!)


The snow’s been falling all month,
We’re all a miserable bunch.
Waiting for the snow,
To piss off and go,
So our bikes don’t slither and crunch.


The snow’s beyond all reason
It’s meant to be the ‘spring season’.
Never the less
Don’t be in a mess,
Or give yourself an unsightly lesion.

Please feel free to leave your own limerick! 😉

2 comments on “Bored? Yep, I am!”

  1. Kenny says:

    Good God …. you must have been bored!!! Mum has got good taste, the arsehole one is my favourite. So To Speak. :))

  2. George says:

    At limerick writing ,you and I get “perhaps”
    Our poems don’t give s****s or even the c***s,
    We struggle with scansion and then with the rhyme,
    To find the right words – it takes too much time.
    Perhaps we should take longer and maybe just linger,
    On beating each other on Facebook and Zynga


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