A truly touching story.

My lovely uncle, Lamond, passed away a wee while ago. It was a very sad time, and affected my Mum greatly. We were all naturally devastated as you always are when someone you love leaves you forever.

Mum has struggled with the loss, big time.

Two weeks ago, Mum (Nana Lesley, Lelly-pops) whatever you call her, got a phone call. It was from a man she had never met.

He had been at an auction and bought a picture. I think it’s a pastel work, however, was very lovingly produced by a local artist, Sylvana Ginella.

Anyway, the man in question, had bought the picture, and being intrigued, had done some investigating and getting in contact with Sylvana, had then phoned my Mum. Imagine her delight when he described the picture and told the story about buying it at auction.

He asked my lovely Mum if she wanted the picture back, of course she did. So, last week, he turned up with Sammy’s picture. Sammy was Lamond’s beardie collie, a great character, and if you asked her to smile, she would give you the best toothy grin. The general public that visited the business loved her so much, they used to feed her all sorts of things, so much so, we put a tag round her neck, saying, “diabetic dog, please don’t feed me!” In general, for those that could read, it worked.

So, the man from the auction turned up. In the interim, Mum had found a painting that she didn’t want any more. The plan was, ask him if he would consider it to be a fair swap.

I have no idea what went through my Mum’s head when she saw the picture. It must have been a massive wave of emotion. I think Mum and Dad commissioned Sylvana to do the work. For it to come ‘boomeranging’ back home is amazing.

So, the picture is home, pride of place in Mum’s lounge.

The man accepted the exchange. He thought the picture that Mum was offering was just ‘perfect’ for his new cottage. With the gift of the picture, Mum wrote a thank you card for him and included the money he paid at auction.


You can’t pay for the coincidence, can you? There’s been a change in Mum, it’s like there’s been a healthy closure, which I think she’s been desperately seeking for some time, I hope this is it. I love my Mum and I hope that helps her. I think this is a lovely wee tale. What a happy coincidence. What a lovely man. What a happy Mum.

£6. Priceless.

Sammy Dog.

Sammy Dog.

3 comments on “A truly touching story.”

  1. Ken says:

    Truly touching.

  2. alistairl says:

    Thanks for posting this, proper real life good news and a reminder that there are a lot of nice folks out there.

  3. Craig says:

    What goes around…..

    Just amazing and serendipitous
    Meant to be.


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