A sweaty moment.

Normally on Thursday I am on a day off. Today though, I was training in Dunblane. I freelance for Tickety Boo Training . I was teaching Intermediate Food Hygiene for a group of 8. One of them was our own Food & Beverage Manager, Bernadette. Also, Colin from The Real Food Café in the village. I had organise to collect him from Crianlarich.

I have to pack all my training gear. Laptop, (dying) projector, wee TV, props; including my favourite chicken whose legs come off. Yes, it’s a toy, not a real one! Posters, books, picnic lunch, water, the lot.

I woke with a jolt, remembering I’d forgotten something from my training room. So, on the way out, I picked up what I needed, including coffee and bananas.

Heading off in the Honda, I got as far as Dalrigh and my dashboard lit up. Nightmare. Tyre pressure gauge. I turned around, headed home and told Ed the issue. He had said last night that I should have taken George for the run. I decided not to. Too much stuff.

Ok, George it is. I collected the keys, having called the shop in Crianlarich to warn Colin that I had to change cars.

Immobiliser done. Key in ignition.

Click… Click…. Click….

AAAAARGH! Flat battery. A call to Andy Brown emergency services. Sorry Ellen, for the interruption to toast services. Got the wee car started, thankfully!

Colin was surprised at my choice of vehicle. Mind you, he would have been even more shocked, had I turned up on Smoggy.

Time was of the essence. I needed to be there before 9am. It was 8:05am when we left for Dunblane. 6 Highland Heritage coaches and numerous cars later, we got to Dunblane at 8:50am.

It just reminds me what a wonderful car she is. Responsiveness, full of character, a complete joy. Would I swap her for an Aston Martin? Never. Love.

The sun was shining on the way home. Sun roof open and big grins. I love George.

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