A new beginning?

It’s 9.45. (That’s PM.) Live at the Apollo is on the TV. I have just had an ace time / wee break in North Berwick with my man.

We have had a chill, a swim or two, eaten (only because we have had to, after all, we might have faded away to a shadow). We might have had a glass or two of wine.

I thought I was needing a holiday. I kind of get the feeling right now that Ed was needing one more than me…. and that’s saying something.

So, what’s happened since the last time I blogged? Lots, actually. The most ‘influential / educational’ part of my little, fairly uninteresting life, will be discussed in an entirely different blog….. I bet you, my reader can’t wait. Not.

In the meantime, we have had an earth shattering, gob-smacking incident in our (23 year) life together. Yes, we’ve been 20 years married, 23+ years together. Holy crap. So what’s changed? Ed has gone beyond the Nokia with the Orange account. Yep, he has.

That would amaze anyone who knows Ed. Who has an average bill of £3 in a bad month. Really, yes, only £3. That’s a chatty month at that.

So, there was a pristine phone up for grabs. We grabbed it.

New contract. How was Ed going to cope? £13.50 a month? About £10+ more than he pays already?! OMG!!!

It doesn’t really matter. He now has an unlimited access to Drop7. Other than accessing his email, and going ‘ooohh’ over the accuracy of the compass, he has yet to discover the full delight of his ‘new to him’ iPhone. Yes, really, he has moved to the ‘other side’. He has an iPhone.

In the meantime, if I as much touch my phone, it seems to give him the licence to carry on with mastering Drop7, and not have to discuss anything. Well, after 23 years together, maybe that’s a good thing!?

What’s not a good thing, or just plainly bad planning on my behalf, was for some stupid, insane reason, only bringing one charger on holiday. DOH! What was I thinking? We (read *Ed*) is constantly charging his phone, or has done now for 3 days. Charging my phone overnight can’t happen, he’s got there first.

Is it a worry that he intends to open a Facebook account, or the fact he will be able to, in his spare time read my blog?

That’s open to debate.

Right now, I don’t know if he loves his phone or Drop7 more.

One comment on “A new beginning?”

  1. Whisky Shop says:

    Well well – absolutely brilliant…
    Drop7… such an awesomely addictive game..
    pmsl re the charger…

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