1026 miles. Still Baltic

After the weekend of partying, it was good to get on the bikes and go. Our next destination was Trullikon in Switzerland. We knew that there would be a wee stop in Germany en route. We just didn’t know where.

Ed had put a destination in the sat nav, however, we weren’t really on a time schedule. We had a coffee stop on the way, there was a local market on and Ed suggested a wee stroll. It was a lovely afternoon and a nice atmosphere. All that was needed, according to Ed, was an oompah band. On cue, boom, cha!



On the way, there were a couple of cool moments, one, a sign that advertised Zorro Cat…. Ed, was prancing about on his bike doing his Zorro impression. Oh dear. He’s off his head, obviously! Later, he was playing his music, missed me yelling at him at a junction. Now I realise why he plays his music, it’s to ignore me! Next to us, written on the side of the car was ‘Bastard Club’. Wonder what you have to do to become a member of that?

During the main part of the day, the temperature was a rather pleasant 13°. Around about 3:45, the road elevation increased and the temperature fell to 5°. Brrrrrr. What didn’t help, I needed a pee. There’s nothing worse. Smoggy was thirsty too, so first stop, fuel & pee. Shortly after, we started looking for a hotel. The first one we stopped at, closed for their holidays at 7pm. Bad timing! We found another down the road, parked up the bikes, showered, beer / wine, route planning, dinner and bed. I think I lasted until 9pm. Lightweight!

Well balanced!

Well balanced!

This morning, it was drizzly. Heated jacket switched on a peep. It didn’t really rain heavily, however, it was quite chilly. Now, I wish I had put my heated trousers on. Fat load of use they were in my top box.

We needed to make up miles, so, we started on some twisty roads, then hit the Autobhan. That was fun. We averaged about 90mph. Any faster, Smoggy starts to wobble a bit. Also, you have to take into consideration my panniers. I did persuade him up to 110mph at one point to catch up on Ed, he was probably sitting with cruise control on. How naff. (Jealous!)

Petrol doesn’t last quite as long when you’re thrashing the pants off the wee bike. Funny that. I had to fill up twice today. The first fill, I was treated to coffee, the second, enough time to have a stretch and send a text to Marianne with our eta. Before long we were in Trullikon, enjoying a mug of tea and a catch up with our friend. You can’t beat it. It was another early night though. Fresh air and lots of concentration does that!

2 comments on “1026 miles. Still Baltic”

  1. Ken says:

    One day. One day I WILL have a bike. I love reading your blogs Fiona.

  2. Fiona says:

    Thanks Ken!!

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