Whilst I’m at it…..

I might as well keep going then – I have to admit that this is the second time I have started this post – I misplaced the first one!

If you venture up to Glencoe, then you must go and visit Crafts & Things. When you are gagging with thirst from your tongue hanging out looking at the beautiful scenery, pop in for a coffee/tea/fancy piece (that’s Aberdonian for a cake/all things fine).

This is a little place just at the side of the road. It looks like a But ‘n’ Ben that the Broons might live in, and has been developed tastefully over many years. It is however a bit of a Tardis! (I have just been told that Tardis means Time and relative dimensions in space. Every day is a school day!) So, it is a bit of a Tardis, to say the least – it is stuffed with lovely gifts and the coffee shop doubles up as an Art Gallery. Last year I bought 4 pictures from here. Lovely. Books in the coffee shop are also well thought out – everything chosen by David (the owner) and Mary (the manager – who is slightly mad!!!) The stairs up to the loos are stuffed with pictures and there is another part to the gallery up stairs.

Everything in the coffee shop is home made – it is a treat! This is where I go, and I can’t recommend it enough! There is nothing better in Glencoe to be honest for a good honest cuppa! It is normally mobbed, by the way, so prepare yourself to either wait for a table or join someone on their table. It has a lovely atmosphere!

If you are up in Tyndrum, and you are needing accommodation, look no further than Glengarry House This is owned by our motorbiking buddies Andy and Ellen. They put their heart and soul into this lovely house. When I was a youngster, I used to go to piano lessons there. I was useless. To this day, I still can’t read music and I tried the piano, chanter, clarinet & guitar. I would however, love to play the saxophone.

Anyway, Andy and Ellen have a large family which includes 9 chickens, two cats (Alec and Alice) and a Chinchilla called Ferret. Yes, his name is Ferret. I will let Andy explain that one!! For your breakfast you will be eating eggs from ‘The Girls’ – which are ace…. Ellen will also cook you an evening meal when you stay – always better to book this in advance and last minute dinners aren’t always possible. Take it from me, Ellen can cook up a storm in the kitchen. At the moment they have a visiting pigeon with a broken leg. Pigeon pie anyone? Andy the soft touch fed the pigeon some bread today – the resident girls were not amused and were clucking away like crazy….

Andy and Ellen are also, thankfully fans of our new venture and did send me a funny email this week, letting us know what they thought of the pizzas… we have been working pretty hard on the development of them…. read this and you can catch up. Anyway, Ed (hubby) has had to dust off his Pizza Hut badge and give some lessons….

Ellen’s email was just hilarious: sorry Ellen, it just had to go in…..

” Alice approves…. I just missed a photo of Alec with his head in the box which was very funny.
…and just to satisfy Ed’s OCD there isn’t a place on my pizza where the crust is more than 5mm wide (calibrated Corus steel rule) so whoever made these beauties gets a big cheer!”

I have it on good authority that Ellen did get the ruler out!! Excellent! I might even add the photo of Alice trying to get the pizza – once I have worked out how to do it.


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