My favourite restaurant in Edinburgh

There is nothing better when you visit our beautiful capital city than to treat yourself to dinner! I must admit, this little restaurant is a belter, and what is even better, is it’s on my door step- literally 200m from my flat!

Celadon Thai Restaurant on Causewayside is a real treat. Kay and Napporn produce the most beautiful home made Thai food, with the freshest ingredients. My personal favourites have to be: Tempura Prawns, Tom Kah soup and their truly stunning Panang dishes – the Panang chicken is really hard to resist. If you have space, then don’t miss the coconut ice cream served with coconut jelly cubes. Just lush!

The restaurant itself is nicely decorated with the original stone walls and lovely big wooden tables. Your wine is served in the biggest claret glasses that you have clapped eyes on – they would probably hold 3/4 of a glass of wine – not that I have tried that (yet). The service is always super-efficient, however, if you do want to take your time, let the service staff know, because it’s really slick service!

I have to put in a health warning here…. the chillis that are used in the dishes are the best they can buy and they will blow the top of your head off if you have any sort of low tolerance to hot, hot, hot! I got caught out after going to one of the rugby matches recently. Ed, Mike and I went for a late dinner and Kay had to come to my rescue as the tears streamed down my face, my tongue was lolling out my mouth trying desperately to cool down. The jug of water on the table had already been drained, and was declared useless to calm the huge fire in my mouth. A glass of cold milk did the trick. Thanks Kay! Any possible hangover that I had from the night before after a night on the town with Mike, disappeared rapidly. I have to say, now that I remember, we did eat here on the Friday as well as the Saturday – it’s that good!

If you want to go for lunch, they do a cracking lunch deal. If my hubby and I are in town, we will take my mother-in-law here, and we have it cracked, order 4 main courses between 3 for the best variety!

In all honesty, I have been so ‘blown away’ by their food that I want to go and work in the kitchen, so I can learn to make all the dishes correctly. I have been experimenting with Tom Kah soup and as much as it is not as good as Napporn’s, I am getting there!

So, if you are down in town – (or up or across), you must give this a try…. get a good variety of dishes, they are all lovely and light, so eating it all won’t be an issue in the slightest!

I know you will enjoy. 🙂

2 comments on “My favourite restaurant in Edinburgh”

  1. Craig says:

    I soooo want to go there…. you’ll need to take Cheryl and I one day!!

  2. admin says:

    I have been wanting to take the two of you here for ages and ages and ages!!!! We just need to get ourselves co-ordinated and have a weekend in Edinburgh…. I’ll even give you the bed in the flat and I will have the sofa….. get baby sitter organised!!!!! They will even make sure there are no green/red/healthy bits in your food that might mean you won’t eat it!!!!! 😉

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