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Born in Oban in July 1967, I have lived for most of my life in Tyndrum, Perthshire, Scotland.

In 1978, I went to Boarding School in Crieff, Morrison’s Academy.  I loved it.  By 1986 the summer I left Morrison’s, I had achieved heaps and had a great time! Claim to fame would be: The first Morrisonian to play hockey for Scotland. My other one is scoring a hat trick against France. My hockey days would have lasted to the full Scottish squad had I not blown my knee during a training session! As it transpired, Under 18 & Under 21 squad was my knee’s limit.

After Boarding school, I went to Napier in Edinburgh and studied Hotel Catering and Institutional Management. Whilst there, I worked at the Edinburgh Sheraton – or the Sheraton Grand as it is now known … I had a great time there working through all the food & beverage areas in the hotel! The hardest work was room service – especially having to pick up the trays/trolleys from the various floors – phew!  We used to walk miles every day! It was however, a great training and experience. Napier? It was ok, the most important result of that, apart from my Diploma, was meeting my future husband.  Here we are in our 28th year together.  Good god.

After living in Edinburgh for over 4 years, Ed was offered the Manager’s role in Pizza Hut.  We spent 3.5 years  in Aberdeen – a year and a half of which I spent in ‘The Hotel from Hell’. I won’t name it and shame it. Not right now! The other half of my time was working as a department manager with Safeway.  That was cool!

After that we moved from Aberdeen back home to Tyndrum and the Family Business. We’ve been back home for over 24 years now. Love it!

Life in Tyndrum is cool.  We live in a really quiet spot, right way back out of the way – the last house in Stirling District. I love horses and used to do a bit of riding, however, another knee injury has stopped that for the time being. Golf was another hobby that had to be shelved, however, I have nice memories and one or two trophies in the house.

I love learning. I believe that every day should be a school day.  If there isn’t something new being learned in a day, you aren’t trying hard enough! I love meeting people and especially people watching. That is a great hobby! One thing is for sure, there is never a dull moment in any one of my work days!

How would other people describe me? Hmmm…. my Father in Law calls me gregarious, I have also been described as ‘Mad’, being ‘slightly unhinged’ and one of my favourites is ‘Wired up all wrong’. I like nothing better than a really good laugh, and I hate getting ‘told off’.  I love what I do for a living and where I stay and I have some lovely friends who mean the world to me. I would like to think that I am a warm and caring person. I wish I could see myself as others see me!

It seems over the last few years I have become addicted to motorcycling. The love of my life is Smoggy, an F650GS. We have ventured to Spain, France, Italy, Sicily, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria…. oh, and Lichtenstein. In 2016, his odometer turned 75,000 – he’s a keeper! I am a fully fledged member of both car & motorcycle IAM. The latter was officially the best thing I have ever done.
I am also a National Observer for Motorcycles and just love taking Associates through their Advanced Motorcycling course. For my sins, I am the Honorary President of the Forth Valley Group of Advanced Motorists.

That’s probably enough about me….I think this picture kind of sums me up…..

Favourite hat and t-shirt

Favourite hat and t-shirt

….. and I really, really think this is much cuteness:

Friends are your world

Friends are your world

7 comments on “About Me….”

  1. Sue says:

    Love it……..! Beats signing up for free e-books on my new toy! Can’t wait to read everything! Love Sx

  2. admin says:

    Hehe! Enjoy your read :o)

  3. Annie says:

    Brilliant xxx

  4. George C. Betty says:

    A guess you’re just a “one off ” , Fi. – like a spark that flares beautifully and differently every time we meet !!!


  5. Hi Fiona, delighted to have “discovered” you! I regularly come up to Crianlarich to stay with Johnnie Christie at Inverardran House on A85. Discovered him in 2004 when I was competing in the Scottish National Rally for the second time on my R1. Came up in subsequent years with bikey friends to enjoy the wonderful roads and lack of traffic as I was brought up in South London and now live in N Kent.
    Was up this year to judge at the Highland Pony Society Breed Show at Strathallan Castle I have been breeding, showing and judging them since 1970 after discovering them in N. Wale of all places in 1968.
    Hoping to be up again next year with my dogs as I can now relax a bit after passing my IMI National Observer test on Tuesday as qualified as a Senior Observer in 2006, so a bit overdue lol Be good to meet you.

  6. Fiona says:

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks for the comments, I look forward to meeting you when you’re next up in Scotland! Congratulations on your NO pass you must be chuffed to bits. Get in touch and we can sort out a run out … email fiona@fiona-robertson.com.

  7. Hi Fi,

    Loved reading your blog and found it very enjoyable and entertaining!
    Look forward to reading more about yourself and Ed’s epic motorcycle journey’s in which I’m sure that even Gulliver would be green with envy!!
    Privileged to have known yourself and Ed over the years when stopping by TGW….

    Take care both of you and catch up soon!!


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